Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Georgia: the states that keep the suspense going

Hour after hour, the counting operations continue to lift the veil on a result which remains, Wednesday November 4 at the end of the afternoon, still uncertain. With all due respect to outgoing President Donald Trump, who ventured to proclaim his victory on the night of the vote, the Americans woke up the next day without knowing the name of the winner of the presidential election; a first since 2000. Except that this time, it is not just Florida but several states that the decision will emerge in the hours or days to come.

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As expected due to the pandemic, the avalanche of mailed ballots delayed the count in several states where no clear trend emerged as of the evening of November 3. Some of them should deliver their results between Wednesday and Thursday: Georgia (16 major voters) and Wisconsin (10).

The latter state, traditionally considered to be part of the Democratic “blue wall”, caused surprise in 2016 by choosing a Republican in the person of Donald Trump – a first since 1984. Hotly contested this year, “The badger state” gave an example of the trivial hazards that sometimes delay results, when a vote counting machine ran out of ink in the middle of the night in Green Bay County.

Pennsylvania, America’s “cornerstone”

In other states, such as Pennsylvania, it will even be necessary to wait until Friday, November 6. This state of capital importance for this election, with 20 major voters, deserves more than ever its nickname of ” Keystone State : The cornerstone state. Counting operations began there Tuesday, but some counties did not get down to the task until Wednesday.

The postal vote, supposedly favorable to Joe Biden, could further extend this operation. According to Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf, more than a million ballots were submitted by mail in the state of twelve million people.

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In Michigan (16 major voters), the declaration of a final result will also wait on Friday and in Nevada (six votes in the Electoral College), the electoral commission has indicated that it will not release any more new information until Thursday 6 p.m. , Paris time. The Democratic camp hopes that the counting of the postal vote will confirm the short lead of Joe Biden over his Republican competitor.

Late envelopes

If the race were to remain close, then it would be necessary to meticulously count the postal votes, many of which continue to arrive after voting day. Late envelopes can thus be taken into account until November 10 in Nevada, and until November 12 in North Carolina, the last state on the list still in the balance.

Traditionally taken for granted by the Republican Party, this “Bible Belt” state is now considered a “swing state” by observers. The rallying of his fifteen major voters to the Democratic camp would offer a substantial advantage to Joe Biden in the race for the White House.

Alas, it is likely that the verdict of the ballot box does not spell the end of the electoral marathon. Donald Trump declared Tuesday evening his intention to seize the Supreme Court, which the Democrats have sworn to “fight” in court. The name of the winner would then risk not being revealed for several weeks.


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