Peaky Blinders creator confirms film is in the works after series ends

After the broadcast of the last season in the spring of 2022, Steven Knight plans to shoot the feature film in 2023.

The wait shouldn’t be too long for fans of Peaky Blinders. Series creator Steven Knight took advantage of the BFI London Film Festival to provide details on the future of Thomas Shelby’s adventures. The sixth and final season, repeatedly postponed by the pandemic, will arrive on Netflix in spring 2022, as reported Variety . Filming is over, post-production well advanced, but no specific date has yet been announced by the video on demand platform.

A seventh season was once mentioned, but this scenario is no longer on the agenda. The creator of the series prefers to turn to the cinema, and bring to the big screen the story of these lawless gangsters in Birmingham of the 1920s. “I’m going to write the feature film that will be installed and shot in Birmingham. It will probably be the end of the series as we know it ”, Steven Knight told the American magazine. Filming for the film is scheduled for early 2023. Prequel Where sequel, the director has not let anything filter for the moment.

Pass the baton

Airing since 2013 on the BBC, the series has since achieved worldwide success thanks to its broadcast on Netflix. Beyond the film, the creator does not close the door to a new series around the universe of Peaky Blinders, while remaining very evasive. Only certainty, this new adventure would be the opportunity to “Pass the baton”. A witness that he could reach out to young local screenwriters.

On the occasion of the production of the film Peaky Blinders, the director wants to give young talents a chance. In partnership with the University of Birmingham, the BBC Academy and the British Film Institute, Steven Knight will associate his film with the program “Second Unit», Which helps young screenwriters with no experience to enter the cinema and series market.

An important subject for the 62-year-old director, who deplores in Variety than “For too long, productions have taken very enthusiastic and very talented young people, paid them nothing and made them make coffee and run around doing nothing. It’s a shame”. We are far from having seen everything of Birmingham a century ago.

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