Paris, Marseille, Lille… These French cities which will not install a screen for the 2022 World Cup

The city of Paris will not install fan zones or giant screens in public space to broadcast the matches of the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, announced the deputy in charge of sport, Pierre Rabadan.

“For us, there was no question of setting up match broadcast areas for several reasons: the first is the conditions for organizing this World Cup, both in terms of the environment and the social aspect, the second, it’s the temporality, the fact that it takes place in the month of December”he explained Monday, October 3 in the evening.

Marseille, Bordeaux, Nancy and Reims had previously made the same announcement. “This competition has gradually turned into a human and environmental disaster, incompatible with the values ​​that we want to see carried through sport and especially football”explained the Marseille municipality, led by the socialist Benoît Payan at the head of a broad left-wing and environmentalist coalition.

“Humanitarian aberrations”

“Marseille, strongly attached to the values ​​of sharing and solidarity in sport and committed to building a greener city, cannot contribute to the promotion of this 2022 Football World Cup in Qatar”the city insisted in a press release.

“I would really have the impression, if Bordeaux were to welcome these fan zones, to be an accomplice” of “this sporting event which represents all humanitarian, ecological and sporting aberrations”had declared for his part the ecological mayor of Bordeaux Pierre Hurmic.

Many dead workers

Among the reasons for this boycott include the treatment of immigrant workers and the number of deaths in the construction of the eight stadiums of the World Cup. While the official toll is only three dead, the International Labor Organization (ILO) reported in a report that 50 workers died in workplace accidents in Qatar in 2020, and 500 were seriously injured, a figure that could be higher according to her due to shortcomings in the accident recording system.

Besides the question of human rights, the mayor of Bordeaux Pierre Hurmic also refused to be“incoherent”in relation to the efforts requested of the population in terms of“energy sobriety”. “You cannot call your fellow citizens to sobriety and yourself be complicit in energy aberration of this nature” he defended, adding that “Those who awarded the World Cup to Qatar in 2010 were light years away from energy sobriety”.

The FFF is not worried

On Saturday, the socialist mayor of Lille Martine Aubry also announced that no giant screen would be installed, denouncing a“Nonsense with regard to human rights, the environment and sport”. A decision also taken in Rodez and Strasbourg, in particular.

On the side of the French Football Federation, we do not fear such a decision: “At this stage, the FFF will not communicate”, says a source close to the Federation. “It’s a decision that is in tune with the times, full of demagoguery. It’s always more surprising for a city like Paris which is happy to have Qatar in support of its football club.

“If ever France wins the World Cup, it will be interesting to scrutinize the Twitter accounts of the big cities, which will undoubtedly find a parade to congratulate and celebrate the players of the France team, as it should be”, quips the source close to the FFF.


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