Paralympic Games: Lucas Mazur, eleventh and last French gold medal in Tokyo

A final Olympic title for the French Paralympic team. Sunday September 5, during the last day of competition, the double badminton world champion, Lucas Mazur, assumed his status to bring the France team its eleventh gold medal at the Tokyo Paralympic Games.

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The French badist won in the singles final (SL4 category) in three sets, 15-21, 21-17, 21-15, against the Indian Suhas Yathiraj. “I’ve been waiting for this moment for so long”, relishes Lucas Mazur. “Today I was there, today I was the best and today I am the Paralympic champion. “

This is the first medal for the 23-year-old, who suffered from a malformation of his right ankle. But also of a French in the discipline since it is the first appearance of badminton on the program of the Games.

Gold and silver for Lucas Mazur

Lucas Mazur, on the other hand, did not sign a double since in the final of the mixed doubles, played in the wake of his victory in singles, alongside Faustine Noël (SL3-SU5 category), the Habs failed against the Indonesians Harry Susanto and Leani Ratri Oktila, but consoled themselves with the silver medal.

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In singles, Lucas Mazur had done the hardest the day before by dismissing his great Indian rival Tarun Dhillon, his opponent in his two world finals won (2017 and 2019) as well as the one lost in 2015.

France, twice as good as in Rio

On Saturday September 4, France added a medal to its Japanese collection thanks to Nélia Barbosa, who became the Paralympic kayak vice-champion. For her first Games, the 22-year-old Francilienne took second place in the 200-meter final (KL3 category). “I relaunched hard at the end, I couldn’t do more, I had no more arms”, delivers the double vice-champion of Europe, amputated above the right ankle due to neurofibromatosis.

She is already aiming for the top march in Paris in three years: “I really hope to win a gold medal in front of the crowd to cheer us on. This is something that I look forward to. “

Before that, the entire French Paralympic team can be satisfied with the very fine harvest in Tokyo. With 54 medals, including eleven in gold, the Blues greatly improved their Rio total in 2016 (28 medals, including 9 in gold).


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