Pages compete with antiquities in museums

Antiques and ancient collectibles are no longer the main attraction for visitors in the museums of the Hail region, due to the museum displaying electronic collectibles linked to the memory of Saudis from the seventies to the millennium, where pagers and old mobile devices were able to pull the rug out of ancient monuments. other.

bring back memories

According to a field survey conducted by Al-Watan, it documented some of these holdings that contributed to attracting visitors, and were able to reflect a great civilizational and cultural dimension.

For his part, the owner of the Obeika Museum confirmed that the electronic devices corner finds a great demand from visitors to the museum, and it takes a lot of people to recall their memories with them, and the beginning of their use of them, including the old mobile devices, which accompanied the mobile operation in the Kingdom at the end of the nineties of the last century, as well as the pager device that he acquired The Saudis, especially those born in the seventies of the last century, did not last long in the hands of its users, given the technical development.


Obeika also pointed to the interest of some of them in televisions, which spread remarkably at the end of the seventies and early eighties of the last century, with the beginning of television broadcasting in the Kingdom, adding that the old radio had a role in attracting, especially the well-known Russian, which achieved great spread in 1990.

Al-Abaika Museum:

It is located in the village of Qena, north of Hail, 40 km

It contains rare artifacts

It displays in the entrance to the museum antiquities of his family more than 150 years old

There are traces of the coin of Ptolemy BC and ancient coins

There is a corner documenting the lives of the ancients, their agricultural tools and during the war

It has a corner for education, media and entertainment


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