“P50 PRO” and “P50 Pocket”… the latest innovations of “Huawei”

Smartphones are everyone’s primary window to the wider online world, a key communication device and constant companion, helping us work, play, communicate in this digital age and even relax.

This is because today’s best smartphones are much more than just phones, they come with the latest cameras, sleeker designs, huge batteries that can keep up with our hectic lifestyles, super fast charging speeds, and music libraries.

Mujbil Al-Ayoub

Huawei launched two new flagship phones, the new “HUAWEI P50 Pro” and “HUAWEI P50 Pocket”, pointing out that “HUAWEI P50 Pro” returns to the philosophies that lie at the heart of advanced photography, with the “True-Form Dual-Matrix” camera. Which renews the camera experience from head to toe, in addition to the elegant design depicted by the dual-array camera, and a large battery that supports “HUAWEI SuperCharge” 66 watts wired and 50 watts wirelessly.

The HUAWEI P50 Pocket brings fashion, beauty and amazing technology innovations, setting a new standard for industrial design for smartphones. Huawei and high-end fashion designer Iris Van Herpen joined forces in a cross-industry collaboration to create the HUAWEI P50 Pocket Edition.

The True-Form Dual-Matrix camera includes a powerful main camera array and a SuperZoom array, as the device is integrated with the HUAWEI XD Optics and HUAWEI XD Fusion Pro image engine, resulting in high-resolution images with higher brightness, as well as To capture more light that results in clean photos with more detail.

A new superior color filtering system with True-Chroma Image Engine and Super HDR technology delivers comprehensive improvements in detail, color and dynamic range.

The “True-Form Dual-Matrix” camera supports 4K video recording on both the front and rear cameras, providing clear shots from every angle, while if users are looking to photograph far away subjects, they can use a periscope zoom lens that supports a large zoom range Maximum up to 200 times.

The design of the HUAWEI P50 Pro is out of this world, unlike anything else on the market, the design of the Dual-Matrix camera is the perfect blend of form and function.

The “HUAWEI P50 Pro” uses a 3D curved screen with a single hole camera, with a high definition “HDR” screen that supports full color gamut “P3”, which provides an amazing visual experience for both video entertainment and gaming alike.

The display on the HUAWEI P50 Pro features a 6.6-inch True-Chroma display with a refresh rate of 120Hz with a touch sampling rate of 300Hz and an IP68 rating, ensuring that the customer will be protected from the elements while on the move.

The HUAWEI P50 Pro strikes a perfect balance between battery life and fast charging speed, and houses a massive 4360mAh battery in its slim body, while also supporting 66W HUAWEI SuperCharge and HUAWEI Wireless Charging.” SuperCharge with a capacity of 50 watts.

Inspirational experience

The HUAWEI P50 Pro runs on the EMUI 12 user interface, which provides a straightforward, smooth, secure and reliable user experience for work, study, gaming, entertainment or video editing.

Huawei, thanks to the Super Device features, has integrated various tools in the Control Panel menu (Device +), with a simple swipe users can explore the control panel and quickly access audio playback settings, “Wi-Fi” and “Bluetooth”. , and make it easier to control multiple devices as if they were controlling only one device.

And with the distributed file system, the HUAWEI P50 Pro can also act as an external storage that is wirelessly connected to a computer, which means that files can be accessed more easily than ever before.

Using the HUAWEI P50 Pro, users can transfer MeeTime calls to a HUAWEI Vision smart TV and make the call by utilizing the large screen, camera and speakers, easily share their screen during a video clip and even identify key places to present important ideas directly.

Cool design

The HUAWEI P50 Pocket can be folded smoothly into an ultra-thin and lightweight body, which makes carrying it a pleasure. It offers a large flat screen size of 6.9 inches, 21:9 screen, which provides an extraordinary experience when watching videos or movies.

The culmination of years of research and development, the new generation of Multi-Dimensional Hinges is a complete upgrade over its predecessor, featuring a shorter radius, along with an exclusive Multi-Dimensional Lifting design, allowing the phone to be slimmer and result in a smoother screen when opened.

The HUAWEI P50 Pocket comes in two dreamy colors, white and luxurious gold, where the white color emits a diamond-like brilliance, while the excellent gold color represents the elevation of art.

The back of the device captures the shadows and texture of the earth, which are brought to life by the advanced 3D micro-sculpting design, on the white version of the phone.

The HUAWEI P50 Pocket supports completely innovative technology including True-Chroma Image Engine and HUAWEI XD Optics, and also comes with an improved and reimagined version of HUAWEI XD Fusion Pro, while Huawei has created Ultra Spectrum technology. Image«Technology» once again, setting a higher standard for the industry.

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