Oxygen: the confined hell of Mélanie Laurent is revealed on Netflix

CRITICAL – The actress campsa woman waking up in a cryogenic chamber. A suffocating camera, the first film in French by Alexandre Aja for two decades.

Anticipation thriller sculpted by technical constraints and concerns about confinement, Oxygen offers the perfect suffocating camera on Netflix: a protagonist, a place, a countdown. Camped by Mélanie Laurent who delivers a tour de force, Liz wakes up with a start, packed with infusions and sensors, in a cryogenic chamber without the slightest memory: who and where is she? Why is she locked up? Is she healthy, sick or mad as visions from a past life suggest? The answers are urgent, the oxygen reserves are at their lowest and she risks suffocation. As the only ally or jailer – doubt is allowed – an on-board artificial intelligence named Milo, to whom Mathieu Amalric lends his disembodied, sometimes threatening voice. To say more would be criminal.

“Oxygen”, the trailer – Watch on Figaro Live

“Algebraic sequences”

Written long before the pandemic, Oxygen should have been filmed in London with Noomi Rapace (Millennium). The Covid repatriated the project to France,

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