Overcoming obstacles to investment and infrastructure development

The system of tourism development councils in regions recently adopted by the higher authorities has identified 10 tasks for these councils, the most prominent of which are overcoming obstacles, encouraging investment, harmonizing plans, initiatives and projects, and coordinating efforts to develop the sector.

According to the regulations, the councils are responsible for achieving harmonization between the destination development trends in the region and the trends of the tourism strategy and coordination between the branches of ministries and government agencies in the region and the relevant authorities, to work on developing the tourism sector and organizing efforts related to the implementation of tourism development plans, priority initiatives and urging and following up service sectors to implement infrastructure projects In the tourist sites, submitting proposals for unique tourist sites, projects and products, ways of developing them, and identifying opportunities and advantages.

The councils are also responsible for overcoming obstacles and obstacles to attracting tourism investment opportunities, enabling the private sector to invest, proposing the necessary facilities and incentives, facilitating the implementation of workforce development programs and marketing and promotional campaigns, raising the level of public awareness of the importance of tourism development in the region, and evaluating the efforts and activities undertaken by the branches of ministries and government agencies related to the sector. Tourism and raising, through the council’s secretariat, what requires action in this regard.

The council is formed by agreement between the emir of the region and the minister of tourism, the chairman of the development council. The council’s meetings are held at its headquarters, and may be held, when necessary, in any other place specified by the president. The council meets every 3 months, or whenever needed, and a budget for the program is allocated within the budget of the emirate of the region.


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