Over 11,000 volunteering internships launched on Earth Day

The recruitment and training platform, Internshala has launched The Green Volunteer Revolution on the occasion of Earth Day. The initiative offers 11,000+ volunteering internships for Indian students with organizations including Earth Day Network India, Team Everest, Stone Soup, Bhumi, and Adore Earth.

The interested students can apply to the opportunities by April 30, 2021.

All the students who want to make a difference by working on environmental issues and make our Earth a better place are eligible to apply to the opportunities. The volunteers will be hired for profiles including Down To Earth Eco-Warrior, Lifestyle Eco-Warrior, Creative Eco-Warrior, Composting Eco-Warrior, Earth Day Eco-Warrior, and Bird Feeding Eco-Warrior.

The work responsibilities of each volunteering intern would include spreading awareness regarding global warming and other environmental issues through content creation and organizing sessions to influence others.

They will focus on motivating people towards sustainable living by making eco-friendly choices in everyday aspects like consumption patterns, waste disposal, fashion choices, kitchen choices, transportation choices, switching to cloth bags, the importance of planting trees, saving electricity, the importance of bird feeding, and so on.

On the launch of The Green Volunteer Revolution, the founder and CEO of Internshala said, “The youth is the future of our world. They are increasingly getting more aware and proactive regarding challenges like the environmental crises. ”

For more information or to apply to the opportunities, please visit: http://bit.ly/EarthWarrior

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