Our review of Under the wing of angels: elegiac

REVIEW – The first film by a disciple of Terrence Malick tells the story of Abraham Lincoln’s youth.

The tops of tall trees rustle, seen from the ground. The foliage undulates majestically in a light breeze.

Beautiful streaks of clouds stretch lazily over the horizon. From the first images of Under the wing of angelsfilmed in black and white, we feel the intact power of the elements, as well as the simplicity of an elegiac and contemplative narrative in the heart of Tom Sawyer’s America.

Children run in the high wheat fields or throw themselves into the water, laughing. Ax in hand, the father (Jason Clarke) is rough as bark. Quiet and proud. The mother is sweet as spring water. Loving and warm. This family of pioneers has just settled in Little Pigeon Creek, in Perry County, Indiana. We are in 1817. Editor of Terrence Malick’s films, A. J. Edwards wanted Under the wing of angels transports the viewer to the land of Mark Twain, not forgetting to add the lapping of the river and the scent of seaweed. But the poetry of the images, which one would think…

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