Our review of The Shadow of Goya: the testament of Jean-Claude Carrière

Goya’s Shadow offers a poetic and twilight walk to the sources of a harsh and shimmering kingdom. Epicenter movies

REVIEW – In this documentary on the Spanish painter, the writer and screenwriter went to Spain in his footsteps. Gorgeous.

Like all painting lovers, Jean-Claude Carrière murmured at paintings. It is therefore moving to see this storyteller, playwright, philosopher and screenwriter at the Prado, a few weeks before his death in February 2021, bid farewell to the two shifts by Goya. Fifty years ago, he confides to the camera of his friend and producer José Luis López-Linares (The Hieronymus Bosch Mystery, in 2016) that he doesn’t know which he prefers, naked or dressed.

Goya and Carrière is a story that begins with Buñuel, another Aragonese, another deaf, another exacerbated sensitivity (nineteen years of collaboration). It was through him that the virus was transmitted: a deep, erudite passion for this genius who painted Spain at the time of the great changeover. This gives a poetic and twilight walk to the sources of a harsh and shimmering kingdom.

As an old man who has come back from everything, Hugo’s build, black scarf and cane in hand, Carrière l’Occitan sits down in the kitchen of the painter’s birthplace and…

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