Our review of The Power, female horror

CRITICISM – This promising first film plays with the singular climate of a hospital plunged into darkness.

It is characteristic of the first successful films to arouse enthusiasm. With The Power, the British screenwriter-director Corinna Faith shows that she already has undeniable qualities, albeit still fragile, an assertive personality and sure artistic choices.

The plot of this feminist horror film begins in London’s East End in January 1974. A young nurse is walking down the street in the early morning. A grazing winter light breaks through the fog. While the unions and the government are arm wrestling in the midst of an economic crisis, and power cuts regularly plunge the country into darkness several nights a week, Val (Rose Williams, all in delicacy and determination with her false tunes by Alicia Vikander) enters the hospital for her first day of work.

At the heart of this almost insurrectionary climate, the corridors of the establishment seem electrified, while the doctors worry about whether the generators will be able to…

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