Our review of State Scandal Investigation: Winning Cartel

CRITICISM – Based on a true story, Thierry de Peretti’s film is built like a story with drawers. And confirms the great talent of Roschdy Zem.

Infiltrate. That’s what he claims. This police informant says he joined a drug trafficking cartel on the orders of the Narcotics boss. We must see. In his villa in Marbella, Roschdy Zem goes from one room to another, answers the phone, gazes feverishly at the horizon. Zodiacs are approaching the coast, full throttle. The cargo is delivered on board. This story seduces a journalist from Release. Pio Marmaï no longer lets go of his informant. They’re not just going to make friends. The film takes us from Andalusia to Paris, via Lugano.

It’s a game of liar poker. With State Scandal InvestigationThierry de Peretti (The Apaches) follows the twists and turns of this authentic affair where a cat would not find her young. There are many explanatory sequences. Spanish officials detail behind the scenes of ETA. Did fighting terrorism involve creating local Pablo Escobars? Always the same old refrain of the end and the…

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