Our review of Nope: Get Out director back with a subtle UFO flick

Left to right: Daniel Kaluuya as OJ, Keke Palmer portrays his sister Emerald, and Brandon Perea, the electronics store clerk. Universal Pictures International France

REVIEW – Jordan Peele ventures into science fiction with a western twist, but always through an African-American prism.

In 2017, African-American comedian Jordan Peele struck a blow with get-out . At the end of the day, an Oscar for best original screenplay. Two years later, Peele doubled the lead with Usa horror film on the theme of the double, a metaphor for a more social than racial segregation.

As African-American blaxploitation directors in the 1970s tried to break into the movie industry but failed to break the shackles of the B-movie, it only took two long- yardage to Peele to play in the big leagues. So much so that Universal Pictures studios did not wait for the box office result of Boop to open an attraction based on the film at their theme park in Hollywood.

With Boop, Peele continues to revisit gender through an African-American lens. More subtle and less militant than a Spike Lee. This time he ventures into the realm of science fiction. We think of M. Night Shyamalan. We especially think of…

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