Our review of Goliath: The Merchant of Death is outdated

Frédéric Tellier’s paranoid thriller about the victims of pesticides is too scattered to be convincing. Despite the Gilles Lellouche-Pierre Niney duel.

Tetrazine does not exist. Yet it looks like any substance used to eradicate parasites in crops. In any case, it produces the same effects on those who are exposed to it: babies without arms, cancers of the lymphatic system…

Patrick represents precisely one of the victims of this poisoning due to pesticides. He is a lawyer, specialist in environmental law. He has the face of Gilles Lellouche, disheveled hair, cigarette at the edge of the lips, feverish and tired. The film folder is heavy to carry on his shoulders. Especially since he is facing a giant of agrochemicals, represented by a duo of unscrupulous lobbyists. Pierre Niney, assisted by his former comrade from the Comédie-Française Laurent Stocker, plays a handsome bastard. He is perfect as a nice husband and daddy hen quick to serve the interests of merchants of death with uninhibited cynicism. From the corridors of the European Parliament to meetings with the Ministers of Agriculture and the Economy, passing…

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