Our review of Gloria: the mare according to Cassavetes

Revolver in hand, Gena Rowlands has a false air of Clint Eastwood from Inspector Harry. 1980 Columbia Pictures Industries, Inc. All Rights Reserved/Wild Side Video

CRITICISM – Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival in 1980, this film about an ex-call girl and a kid in New York comes out on DVD / Blu-ray.

Fans of John Cassavetes tend to wince when told about Gloria. Not his best film, according to these purists. An order. Food work. The beautiful video edition offered by Wild Side could make them change their minds. Gloria, golden lion at the Venice Film Festival in 1980, is indeed a studio film. Contrary to popular belief, the pioneer of American independent cinema Cassavetes did not only have a conflicting relationship with Hollywood – as a “script doctor” he patched up numerous screenplays.

Initially, Metro Goldwyn Mayer enlisted his services to replicate the success of the Champion, by Franco Zeffirelli, with the blond Ricky Schroder. MGM wants a new story with a child. Finally, it is Columbia which shows interest in the script of Gloria. And she wants John Cassavetes to direct it. He is just recovering from the commercial and critical failures of Murder of a Chinese bookmaker and D’opening night. He…

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