Our review of Evolution: Inherited Memory

REVIEW – Kornel Mundruczo recounts the destiny of a family through three generations marked by the traumas of the Holocaust. A strong movie.

Where are we? Answer: in hell. In a dripping cellar, men in leather coats silently sweep the sticky floor, scrubbing the walls and spraying them with disinfectant with disturbing vigor and concentration. We feel that all the perfumes of Arabia will not succeed in cleaning this place where the devil seems to have taken up residence. Armed with buckets and brushes, it is as if they wanted to erase the traces of an unavowable sin.

The task is almost insurmountable. Throwing lime everywhere will not be enough. The wet walls contain what appears to be women’s hair. They shoot at it. This forms long black braids, like the tentacles of an uncharted monster. Suddenly, a child’s cry resounded somewhere, muffled, coming from afar. Under a grid, Eva survived two years by a miracle. The camera leaves the basement, adopts an aerial point of view. Barracks line up under the snow. We are in Auschwitz. The camp was recently liberated…

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