Our review of Everything everywhere all at once: the crazy movie that rocked America

In Everything Everywhere All At OnceMichelle Yeoh is projected into parallel universes facing a mysterious entity. Courtesy of A24

CRITICAL – Passing through Paris, director Daniel Scheinert talks about the phenomenal success of this atypical feature film. A mix of action, humor and science fiction.

Surprise success at the American box office last spring, l’ofni (unidentified filmic object) directed by Dan Kwan and Daniel Scheinert (nicknamed “the Daniels”), with Michelle Yeoh and Jamie Lee Curtis, could well create the event during of its French release. After the wacky Swiss Army Man (2016), starring Paul Dano and Daniel Radcliffe, the directors return with Everything Everywhere All at Oncea feature film as eccentric as it is fantastic, at the crossroads of all narrative paths.

Released last March in the United States, this feature film phenomenon, with a modest budget of 15 million dollars, has already brought in nearly 100 million dollars in box office revenue worldwide. Passing through Paris, Daniel Scheinert, a young thirty-year-old native of Birmingham (Alabama), almost apologizes for representing only half of the signatory tandem of this singular work where the ridiculous and the grotesque fraternize with the most crazy ideas or the most scientific theories…

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