Our review of Downton Abbey: A New Era: The Der of Ders?

VIDEO INTERVIEW – Julian Fellowes has imagined a tasty double plot steeped in melancholy, located in the English mansion and on the Côte d’Azur. And delivers the most successful epilogue of the saga. Confidences of the younger generation.

Subtitle A new erathe new movie Downton Abbey yet looks like twilight distilling a melancholy scent. In full burst of inspiration, the creator of the cult six-season series, Julian Fellowes, gives his reunion with the Crawleys and their servants a strength and an emotion that was missing from the frivolous parenthesis of the first feature film, centered on a royal visit which turned the domain of Yorkshire upside down. A year later, in 1928, it was the arrival of a film crew that tormented the mansion. The director, Jack Barber (Hugh Dancy), wants to use the mansion as a set and brings in a peroxide star, the capricious diva Myrna Dalgleish. Obviously the Earl of Grantham (Hugh Bonneville), guardian of conservative values, is up in arms. Pragmatic, his eldest daughter, Mary (Michelle Dockery), now a manager, sees it as a way to finance a new roof.

“Hollywood and the Modern World Comes to Downton Abbey” for the Second…

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