Our review of Coup de theater: Hollywood Cluedo

Spectacular turn of events, by Tom George. Parisa Taghizadeh Mathieu Cesar

CRITICISM – Director Tom George keeps the viewer in suspense thanks to his actors.

London, 1952. Leo Kopernick, an American director, is murdered after a social evening. He had to adapt to the cinema The Mousetrap, theatrical success of Agatha Christie. All persons linked to this creation are suspected…

Establishing a parallel between the famous play and this film was full of promise. But is not the queen of crime who wants and the investigation led by Tom George is not surprising. If it keeps the spectator in suspense, it is thanks to its actors: the sparkling Saoirse Ronan, whose vivacity is infectious, and Adrien Brody, perfect as a disillusioned man. In a charming setting bathed in soft lights, they still manage to get us into their business.

Spectacular turn of events, by Tom George, with Saoirse Ronan, Sam Rockwell, Adrien Brody (already in theaters).


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