Our review of Buzz Lightyear: Toy Story’s cosmonaut flies on his own

Buzz Lightyear, accompanied by a very resourceful robot cat, but also a band of broken arms, spends his time coming up against harsh reality. PIXAR/The Walt Disney Company France

REVIEW – Director Angus MacLane and Pixar take on cowboy sidekick Woody in Toy Story and invent a flamboyant destiny for him. An animated film worthy of a 1960s space opera.

In the saga Toy Story, Buzz Lightyear is a bit of a braggart space ranger who spends his time talking to his logbook. With a bulging chest, hands on hips, this brave toy proudly announces that he wants to push the limits of space exploration to “boldly go where no one has gone before”as the credits of the TV series so learnedly declared star trek.

As endearing as this cosmonaut in the green and white suit may have been, he will always have remained a supporting role in this pixelated universe. Because the true hero of Toy Story remains the cowboy Woody. After a fairly sketchy cartoon released on the sly about ten years ago, Pixar took up the challenge, and gave itself the means to make the character of Buzz the hero of his own film. The credits reveal the meaning of this perilous undertaking: “In 1995 Andy received a toy from his favorite movie. Here’s that movie.” Thus, the Buzz Lightyear figurine gives way to a…

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