“Orphans”, on France 2: moving forward despite mourning

Building oneself by mourning the loss of one’s parents is, in France, the complex reality faced by nearly 800,000 orphans under the age of 25. Like them Alysia, Jean-Pierre, Geoffrey, Céline, Louise and Jean-Philippe had to grow up despite the absence of a father, a mother, sometimes even both. Facing the camera, these 6 witnesses, with very different profiles from each other, tell how they transformed this terrible loss into a personal renewal. Poignant and above all without taboo stories that feed this documentary written by Blandine Grosjean and directed by Delphine Dhilly.

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Louise was 2 years old when her mother died and, very young, lived with the meaning of death. However, she claims not to have felt the lack of a mother figure until the age of 17, having shaped herself an image of it. Alysia also lost her mother when she was only 2 years old and her father when she was 21 years old. It was after this second drama that loneliness was born in her “ a feeling of power “. Both without a mother to guide them, they had to learn to answer the big questions that every young girl asks herself in adolescence. Like hundreds of thousands of orphans, the 6 protagonists of this documentary faced the unknown, the eyes of others, the pity – humiliating in their eyes – that their situation inspired. Céline says she refused for a long time the term orphan, a label too heavy to wear.

The experience of freedom

Without minimizing the pain of losing a parent, they courageously bear witness to that ultimately happy emptiness each of them felt when orphaned. Withthis ” less sword of Damocles », In the words of one of the witnesses, it is for them, a new life which begins while knowing the impossible turn back. Aware of beingthe custodian of an unfinished story », As Jean-Philippe testifies, they all made the choice to live for themselves, without looking back to move forward and assert their freedom.


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