Orange? I am beyond satisfaction

I recounted here how my TV suddenly pixelated to death, turning the screen into psychedelic delirium. When the business was renewed, I called Orange. I ran into a lady who immediately told me that I had too little flow. I almost told her stay polite, mind your own business. Then I understood that she was talking about the flow of the stuff that makes the thing work. She then explained to me that I had to take the fiber that would give me hell and that was good because they were installing it in my neighborhood. I said okay, we made a date with the fiber guy. On the said day, at the appointed time: no one. I then called Orange back, who apologized and offered me another date. I said okay and waited for the guy.

On the said day, at the appointed time: no one. I called Orange again who told me we will call you back. The next day, without warning or anything, the fiber guy was there. Lucky for me too. He looked at the house, the electrical panel, the wires and cables and he said: sorry, that is not going to be possible. Or it would be up to you to pass the thread through. By removing the ceiling. I said too bad for the flow, I give up. The next day, I receive a message from Orange which tells me “ your opinion is precious ” and wonder if I am satisfied. If I am satisfied? And how ! I am beyond satisfaction. I swim in nirvana.


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