Oprah defends Harry and Megan

American media outlet Oprah Winfrey defended the request of British Prince Harry and his wife (Megan Markle) to respect their privacy, saying this does not mean that they should remain silent.

“Winfrey”, 67, appeared on the “Today” TV program, and spoke about the violent reaction that “Harry” (36 years) and “Megan” (39 years) have received in recent months, for their discussion of personal issues on television programs. And the podcast, after they gave up their royal status and left the British royal family last year, to live a quieter life in America.

Enjoy your privacy

“Winfrey” said, while promoting her new documentary series with Prince Harry on Apple TV. at. Plus: “Privacy does not mean silence.”

“You know, I seek privacy and I talk all the time, so I think the ability to enjoy a life that is not intruded by photographers or people who fly over you or invade your life is what every person wants and deserves,” she explained, explaining to the program’s presenters.

Stay away from the press

The prince and his wife said that they moved to California, to stay away from the critical British press, and to ensure the safety of their growing family, however, some royal observers were critical of the couple’s continued interviewing and projects that only drew attention to them.

Harry and Megan’s most controversial project so far was their television interview with Oprah Winfrey, which was broadcast in March on the US network “CBS”.


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