Opposition is tense over separatism

Marine Le Pen is to present, this Friday, January 29, the “counter-project” of the National Rally (RN) on separatism. The Republicans (LR) party will do the same early next week. While the bill “Reinforcing respect for the principles of the Republic” arrives for the exam in session Monday 1er February, the political debate is likely to become tense.

During the examination of the text in a special committee, from January 18 to 23, the atmosphere was studious and the climate relatively peaceful on this reform that the majority presents as a balancing act between a form of rearming the apparatus. republican and respect for the rule of law.

“We had great debates, I am optimistic that this will continue in the hemicycle” wants to believe the LREM deputy of Val-d’Oise Guillaume Vuilletet, one of the group’s coordinators. Out of 1,860 amendments tabled, 1,411 were examined and 169 adopted. “That’s almost one in ten” underlines the elected official, who puts forward a constructive state of mind.

An irenic vision that the opposition is far from sharing, starting with very uplifted LR deputies. Éric Diard, MP for Bouches-du-Rhône, criticizes LREM for not having “Dropped a lot” and noted that most of the amendments adopted were those of the rapporteurs. He himself chose to represent in session those he had tabled – in vain – on the fight against radicalization. “There is nothing on the issue of prisons”, he cites as an example.

His colleague from the Doubs Annie Genevard (LR) goes further and denounces a text which “Is not offensive”, in which “Islamism is treated only at the margin”. His party wants to bring back into the debates the question of wearing the veil and should take on board an amendment by the LREM deputy of Yvelines Aurore Bergé aimed at banning the veiling of little girls, declared inadmissible by the committee. According to Annie Genevard, the special commission made an abusive use of the inadmissibility procedure. “There are no taboo subjects, we will have to have this debate”, warns the MP who also intends to put back to the program the idea of ​​a duty of neutrality extended to all “Public service spaces”, officials, volunteers or simple users included.

These positions, which would lead to a radical hardening of secularism, are however far from unanimous within LR. By dint of wanting to push the majority to its limits, the right-wing party risks being caught in its own game. On the left, socialists and communists have shown themselves to be very cautious and should especially scrape on the lack of ” left leg ” Bill. The government assumes. Equal opportunities or the fight against discrimination will be the subject of future announcements. “The elected officials have an interest, on such a text, that it goes well and with dignity, if only vis-à-vis the citizens , positive Guillaume Vuilletet. However, it will take the extremes.

On the left, La France insoumise will practice avoidance. Alexis Corbière, in committee, has continued to criticize a text which “Stigmatizes” Muslims and to denounce, instead of a strict separation between politics and religion, gifts to private education, the concordance status in Alsace or the participation of elected officials in certain traditional festivals such as those of Joan of Arc in Orleans.

In contrast, the elected RNs will practice the bidding. The counter-project presented by Marine Le Pen this Friday intends to specifically target Islam. This would mean banning the dissemination of any Islamist ideology or the wearing of the veil anywhere in public space. Nearly a year before the presidential election, the two weeks of debates will above all be an opportunity to address his electorate.


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