Open, listen, welcome

I’m not very used to interviews; I’m still a little apprehensive. We’ll see “, warns Brother Jean-Marie, entering the premises of The cross. White hair and intense eyes, the 80-year-old priest (1) arrives from Palaiseau (Essonne), where he celebrated a mass. Incardinated for a long time in the diocese of Évry, he continues to lend a hand to the parishes. Highlights? The funeral of a young 28-year-old murdered at the Bataclan, which took place in the municipal stadium of Bures-sur-Yvette; and those of another 23-year-old who accidentally fell from a window. In both cases, he simply wanted listen and welcome by asking for help from the town hall and the cultural center, in the first case; leaving room for friends and family in the other. At the end of the ceremony, many came to thank me. I had done nothing except to open the church to them and welcome them ”, he is still surprised. As commissioner of the Holy Land, attached to the Franciscan Custody guardian of the holy places, he accompanied more than fifty

of pilgrimages. For five years, he had to give it up for health reasons. Going up to Jerusalem, he says he was never able to hold back his tears. Jerusalem is the microcosm of the world. All religions, divisions and sufferings are concentrated there. And yesterday like today, he said in a vibrant voice, the Father wants to gather his scattered children there and communicate his peace to them.


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