«Ooredoo» supports «B. Online», «Abdullah Al-Salem» and «Mansouriya»

Ooredoo Telecom Company has made qualitative leaps in the world of technology, security services and cybersecurity recently, making it a company with a leading position in the world of innovative digital services, information technology, the Internet and communications.

The company was known on the map of community and governmental initiatives, with its high profile and speed to provide various services that provide security and safety for all members of society, so that it works hand in hand with the various government agencies in the country in everything that is in the interest of the people and the country.

Fahd Al-Ali

Ooredoo, the Gulf Network Company (B Online) and the Association of Associations have cooperated in developing a carefully thought out and integrated plan to provide a safer environment free of crimes, preserving private and public property and preserving the security and safety of citizens, which increases their efficiency, as Ooredoo will be the main supporter. For the entire system by exploiting its 5G network, being the best network for interconnection and the Internet of Things (IoT) in the country, and complementary to the wired and wireless internet services provided through the Gulf Telecommunications Network (B.online), which made it the best choice for this huge project for national security .

The cooperative societies were coordinated and approved by the Federation of Associations to contract directly with «B. And safety for individuals in all areas of Kuwait, provided that vehicle plate numbers are monitored and recorded at the entrances and exits of the area.

All cooperative societies responded to this circular, and the two companies signed the first contracts with Abdullah Al-Salem and Mansouriya Cooperative Society.

The contract signing ceremony was attended by Abdulaziz Yaqoub Al-Babtain, CEO of Ooredoo Kuwait, Deputy Board of Directors of the Gulf Communications Network (B.online), Ahmed Al-Omani, CEO Dina Al-Issa, Director of the Strategy Sector Sheikh Mubarak Al-Sabah, and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Dahiyat Abdullah Al-Salem and Mansouriya Association Abdel Wahab. the Knight.

Al-Babtain expressed his pride in this cooperation, saying that the company aims to continue developing its security services, combining innovative digital services and meeting the country’s security needs.

He added, “We are pleased and proud to be the first telecommunications company in the country to achieve this success in such partnerships, which witness more security and progress for our dear country, Kuwait and its proud people.”

For her part, Al-Issa said, “We are honored today to play a supportive role in the wheel of local development, and in particular to achieve one of the pillars of the new Kuwait Vision for 2035, which aims to improve the quality of life for all who live on the land of the state through an improved infrastructure.

“We have high confidence in the capabilities of (Ooredoo) as a pioneer in the field of security technology and digital services, and through our joint vision, we will provide the sub-regions of Abdullah Al-Salem and Mansouriya with the highest electronic security systems of high-precision international standards, and we seek to provide such services in all regions in the future,” she added.

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