“Ooredoo” supports “Al Najat Charitable” projects in the last ten days

The «Ooredoo Communications» company announced its support for the projects of the Najat Charitable Society that it presents to the benefactors in the last ten days of the holy month of Ramadan.

Fatima Dashti, Senior Director of Public Relations, Internal Communications, Sponsorships and Social Responsibility at “Ooredoo Kuwait” said that “Al Najat Charity” is distinguished by its diversity in its humanitarian projects that it proposes, which serve a large segment of beneficiaries inside and outside Kuwait, which in turn achieves the company’s vision of spreading The message of charitable work and the promotion of a culture of giving and giving among the spectrums of society, and the consolidation of their pioneering role towards social responsibility, which is reflected in the provision of a decent life for thousands of needy families.

For his part, Omar Al-Thuwaini, head of the Resources, Public Relations and Media Sector at Al-Najat Charity, stated that the association is intensifying its charitable campaigns in the last ten days of Ramadan, explaining that the first of these campaigns was launched on the night of Ramadan 21, which is “Teach me Islam”, which aims to teach 4000 Guided and guided inside Kuwait, the principles of Islam, the Arabic language, Sharia sciences and other sciences of interest to the new Muslim.

He said that on the night of Ramadan 23, the association presented to the good people the “Kuwait Humanitarian Village in Chad” under the slogan “Your reward is not interrupted,” as it aspires through it to establish an integrated village that includes all basic facilities and provides a decent life for the beneficiaries, pointing out that it establishes in the village productive projects that transform The needy families from the question and the need for the field of giving and production.

Al-Thuwaini added, “On the night of the 25th of Ramadan, we carried out a major campaign to sponsor and sponsor orphans under the slogan (Caring for you is a reward and they have a life). And provide full care to them ».

Al-Thuwaini stated that on the night of the 29th of Ramadan, the association will present the campaign “Treat them for a reward, and they have a life”, through which it aspires to install prosthetic limbs for victims of wars and accidents from young children and youth and other groups of various beneficiaries, noting that it seeks through this humanitarian project to change The reality of their lives for the better and transforming them from people who constantly need support and help from others to active people able to rely on themselves

He explained that “Al-Najat Charity” proposes on its website the “7 Sanabel Al Zakat Acceptance” project, which has the advantage that through one donation, the donor has contributed to 7 various charitable projects in which zakat is permissible, so he is thus a contributor to many doors of goodness through only one donation. .

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