Ooredoo sponsors the largest gathering of luxury and unique cars

– Mijbil Al-Ayoub: The event is organized for the first time in Kuwait

Ooredoo Communications Company has announced its sponsorship of the largest gathering of luxury and unique cars that will be shown for the first time in Kuwait through the participation of several car clubs, tomorrow from 10 am to 10 pm.

The company stated in a statement that the event, organized in cooperation with “Street 965”, a social networking platform that brings together the most famous car clubs in Kuwait, and the active Kuwaiti social media influencer and interested in the automotive and engine sector, Mohammed Al-Amer, will feature a wide range of cars from international industries, Including British, Japanese, American and European cars, which gives the event a distinctive character of enthusiasm and excitement that will entertain car-loving visitors of all age groups.

She added that the “Street 965” event will include more than 150 cars and 18 car clubs, where the audience will be fascinated by the fun sound of engines, and among the participating clubs are the “MB” Club, the Porsche Club of Kuwait, the Camaro Club of Kuwait, the Kuwait Classics Team and the “Super Run” club. In addition to the participation of a number of small and medium-sized companies interested in the automotive sector.

Mijbil Al-Ayoub, Senior Director, Corporate Communications Department at Ooredoo Kuwait, said: “We are proud to be sponsors of such a pioneering event that is happening for the first time in Kuwait, and which carries with it two inspiring messages of promoting responsible and safe leadership, in addition to (Ooredoo)’s involvement in The community is highlighting the youth group that enjoys inspiring energy.

It is filled with an amazing array of entertainment events, surprises, raffles, prizes and more, which will make it an event that resonates throughout the State of Kuwait.”

The event will witness the participation of many major companies such as the National Bank of Kuwait, Abdulmohsen Abdulaziz Al-Babtain Company – Nissan Motor Show, “Kidzania” and the Motorgy application for buying and selling used cars in Kuwait, as well as local and international restaurants and cafes, which will add more enthusiasm, where visitors will enjoy the flavors of And delicious food.

Ooredoo issued a general invitation to all photographers in Kuwait to participate in the competition announced by the company through its official social networking sites, where they must shoot a high-quality video of the event, and the best video will be selected, giving the winner the opportunity to win many valuable prizes.

For his part, Kuwaiti social media influencer and interested in the automotive and engines sector, Mohammed Al-Amer said: “I am honored to work closely with one of the largest telecom companies in Kuwait, (Ooredoo), along with (Street 965), a social media platform that brings together the most famous Car clubs in Kuwait for nearly 10 years with a huge customer base of car lovers.”

He added, “I am confident that our shared vision and passion to support Kuwaiti youth and their talents, and to shed light on such activities, will generate more creative ideas and widespread success in the country. I invite everyone to join us and enjoy the excitement.”

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