Ooredoo sponsored the Porsche Kuwait Festival

Ooredoo Communications Company sponsored the Porsche Club Kuwait Festival, which was held last Friday in Kuwait Motorsport City, based on its belief in the importance of social integration and supporting the spirit and passionate youth talents.

The “Porsche Kuwait” festival coincided with the seventieth anniversary of its founding since 1952, and shed light on the history of “Porsche” and its development stages through the successful stories of the founders, owners and enthusiasts of its cars, which made it one of the beloved brands in Kuwait.

Dana Al Jassim

The festival featured a display of more than 70 Porsche models, and training sessions to develop the participants’ driving skills by professional coaches and racing drivers, as part of competitive races on the track.

Ooredoo honored the winners who occupied the first 3 places, while the festival included a mixture of wonderful events and interesting recreational activities for different age groups within a charming family atmosphere, with many gatherings and a mixture of splendor, surprises and delicious tastes.

Nazem Al-Ghabra, Senior Director of Corporate Communications at Ooredoo, said: “Every time we communicate with the community, we strive to create a beautiful fabric of experiences that convey our three main values, which are communication, concern and challenge.”

He added, “The (Porsche Kuwait) Festival has not only come to celebrate the luxury brand and its fans, but rather promote the concept of responsible and safe driving and create a shared experience that connects us with members of society.”

For his part, the Kuwaiti influencer, active in social networking sites and interested in the automotive and engines sector, Mohammed Al-Amer said: “This was not the first cooperation that brought us together with (Ooredoo), but rather came as a continuation of its continuous support for many activities and events that shed light on the various groups and interests of society, which It in turn stimulates the spirit of youth.

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