“Ooredoo” raises games electronically with “ProPing 5G”

“Ooredoo” telecommunications company launched the “ProPing” service, the first and leading gaming platform in Kuwait, previously provided by “FASTtelco” over optical fibers.

The company worked to develop and provide the “ProPing” service through the fifth generation network, as it became available with confirmatory guarantees, allowing users to communicate directly with the largest global gaming systems and sites.

The CEO of “Ooredoo Kuwait”, Abdulaziz Al-Babtain, said that launching these new packages and products comes from the principle of working on developing the quality and content of products. He added that the launch of this service starts from the basis of developing the infrastructure of the company’s networks, which is considered the first in Kuwait to provide stable service to customers through the fifth generation network without adding any additional devices.

Al-Babtain stated that, given the infrastructure, this service could be successful by linking it to the “Ooredoo” cloud system, “Ooredoo Data Center” being the only one directly linked with the “Amazon” cloud network, which is considered the first cooperation with the Bahraini company, Batelco.

Al-Babtain added that the quality of service and the provision of unique services is what distinguishes the foundations of service provision for the company, which creates new products and services based on the changing opinions and needs of its customers, to give them these packages with different prices several options to enjoy higher Internet speeds and with a quality and system that meets all needs.


Al-Babtain referred to the development of the infrastructure of the “Ooredoo” network, with the aim of improving speed, raising quality efficiency and scalability, which helped it maintain its competitiveness in today’s rapidly evolving business environment and accelerate its innovation.

Electronic games enthusiasts can now enjoy playing with a fast, reliable and stable internet, through “ProPing 5G” internet packages provided by “Ooredoo Kuwait”, starting from only 30 dinars, and the optical fiber service for homes from “FASTtelco” from only 40 dinars, including fiber speeds. Optical range of 50 megabits or 100 megabits per second, as the new packages are ideal for customers who are professional gamers over the Internet with high quality, speed and response rate.

“Ooredoo Kuwait” designed the “ProPing 5G” packages to meet the changing desires and requirements of its customers, as it responded to them by creating such packages and services that meet their needs and exceed their expectations.

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