“Ooredoo”… qualitative progress and tangible success for digital services

Ooredoo was characterized by high resilience and strong performance during the “Covid 19” period, thanks to the effective strategies and the inspiring package of measures and procedures that were applied to meet the challenges that resulted from the continuity of the epidemic, in addition to the operational efficiency it enjoys in its operations, and the experience and efficiency of its management team and employees. What ensures the continuity of its activities and the achievement of the main objectives.

Ooredoo achieved outstanding successes during 2021, based on a strategic vision aimed at enhancing its competitiveness, as it was keen to build a culture of innovation within it.

Dana Al Jassim

strategic partnerships

Ooredoo has made great efforts in developing strategic partnerships and building relationships that help it understand the factors of change and achieve excellence in customer service.

The remarkable partnerships for this year include a memorandum of understanding with the National Bank of Kuwait to innovate and provide more digital services and solutions to customers, in the belief of the company and the bank in the necessity of advancing innovation in providing integrated digital solutions that enrich the digital lives of their customers, develop the country’s economy and achieve further progress and growth on all climb up.

Ooredoo has signed an exclusive agreement with British Telecom (BT), to provide managed call services, voice services, call center solutions, cloud security solutions and consulting services.

Important partnerships also include Ooredoo’s partnership with Nokia, to provide customers with the fifth generation fixed wireless network (FWA), as Ooredoo is considered a pioneer in the field of FWA, and today offers the “FastMile5G” gateway from Nokia as a distinctive internet device for individuals. and companies.

Ooredoo also announced its partnership with Fortinet, to help companies protect their data from security threats.

This comes at a time when companies are moving day after day to a world of multi-cloud networks and devices, but each new technology comes with a set of challenges in dealing with its nature, and this is the case with hybrid cloud computing where the management, use and provision of coordinated services based on policies across a mixture of internal and external cloud services, characterized by flexibility and scalability as a service and based on the use of Internet technologies.

Here comes the role of the partnership between “Ooredoo” and “Infoblox”, to provide solutions for controlling the network infrastructure, which guarantees all the company’s customers the highest level of protection and privacy for their data and their networks.

Abdulaziz Al-Babtain, CEO of Ooredoo Kuwait, expressed his pride in this year’s achievements, thanking all members of the company’s family for the work they did that made it stand among the international companies.

He pointed out that the company possesses leaders who carry exclusive, creative and unique ideas and perceptions, and individuals who work as one body in building a wonderful philosophy that matches the requirements of the work.

He stressed that Ooredoo has made qualitative leaps in the world of technology, cybersecurity and security services, making it a well-known company with a leading position in the world of innovative digital services, information technology, Internet and communications, as it has proven itself as a company, as managers and employees are able to be reciprocal in the sense of their ability to benefit of relationships and partnerships in a way that is the most responsible and effective.

For his part, the head of the commercial sector at Ooredoo Kuwait, Taban Tripathi, said, “With the diversity of customer groups, we have diversified our methods to satisfy them. This reflects their great confidence in us.”

governmental community initiatives

Ooredoo’s ultimate goal during 2021 was not only to improve its performance to reach the desired profits, but it also strived to develop specific initiatives that affect the future, to achieve continuous improvement consistent with the deep values ​​of human purpose and achieve social cohesion.

Ooredoo was known for its high reputation and speed in providing various services, which provide security and safety for all members of society, so that it works hand in hand with various government agencies in the country in everything that is in the interest of the people and the state.

Ooredoo announced its sponsorship of the awareness campaign under the slogan “Safe Education”, as a result of the tireless efforts of the state and the cooperation between the ministries of “Interior”, “Media”, “Health” and “Education”, which was launched at the beginning of October, to educate and encourage all members of society and invite them to participate In supporting government efforts and initiatives in preparing and preparing for the return of students to school at the beginning of the academic year (2021-2022).

Ooredoo, in cooperation with the Communications and Information Technology Regulatory Authority, launched the “Safe Internet for Children” campaign, to raise public awareness about the YouTube Kids application, and to provide a safer environment that allows children to explore their talents and interests through online videos.

The company launched coordinated and effective awareness campaigns, including sending text messages about the latest developments related to safety procedures, decisions and recommendations of the Ministry of Health and the government, in order to ensure the health and safety of individuals and to encourage them to respond and adhere to these procedures.

Ooredoo provided a range of services to enable government agencies to work more effectively, including cloud services and increasing the infrastructure capabilities of health centers designated for vaccination against “Covid-19”.

It participated in the “field campaign for vaccination” and gave the medical staff and health workers large numbers of portable devices and wireless network devices (routers) with communication chips that include internet service, with the aim of providing them with all their digital and technical needs.

Since the opening of the Kuwait Center for Vaccination against Corona inside vehicles on the Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Bridge by the Ministry of Health, the company has contributed to enhancing the site’s readiness to receive all cases with the highest standards of accuracy, by strengthening the infrastructure with innovative digital services for communications and networks.

Ooredoo has worked hard to provide aid and basic needs of food and drink to poor communities in the country and abroad, and continues to support the series of humanitarian and charitable campaigns organized by the Al-Najat Charitable Society, as it donated 5,000 dinars to participate in the “Imagine 3” campaign to dig wells launched by the association. Last March, to coincide with World Water Day.

Ooredoo cooperated with Al-Najat Charity to distribute hundreds of food baskets with food and ration contents to needy and needy families in the country.

A partnership was concluded between the Gulf Network Company (B Online) and the Dahiyat Abdullah Al Salem and Mansouriya Co-operative Society, in the presence of “Ooredoo” as a main supporter of the system by exploiting the fifth generation network, as it is the best network in Kuwait for intercommunication and the Internet of Things (IoT), to provide residential areas with an integrated security system, starting with the Association Suburb of Abdullah Al Salem and Mansourieh.

Digital transformation and sustainable development

Ooredoo has adopted the “My Identity” application, which provides individuals with a digital civil ID approved in proof of identity and electronic signature of government agencies and the private sector, and officially on all official sales channels in them, whether they are branches spread in all regions of Kuwait, the online store or through an application «MyOoredoo», to be the first telecom company to adopt the application digitally and in all sales channels in the country.

The company made it possible to purchase a smart electronic chip (eSIM) online without personally attending its branches and through the “My Identity” application and the “My Ooredoo” application, to be the first telecommunications company in Kuwait and the region to grant such a feature, as its customers can complete a complete purchase, Or subscribe to a new prepaid or postpaid electronic chip, or exchange a regular SIM card with an eSIM through the application.

Issa Al-Mousa, Executive Director of Consumer and Business Sector, said, “Throughout 2021, we went with ideas to the highest level that went beyond the individual championship, and worked hand in hand, overcoming difficult situations, and developed modern and innovative strategies to communicate with our customers to provide the fastest and best customer experience ever.”

Excellence and creativity

Within the “Middle East and North Africa Stevie Awards 2021” the company won 3 gold, silver and bronze awards for a group of its innovative initiatives, innovative products and services, and was crowned with the gold award for “Innovation in Business Information Applications” for its “My Ooredoo” application.

And she received the Silver Award for “Excellence in achieving the best achievements in growth” in the field of business, technology and digital services in the telecommunications sector, as well as the Bronze Award for “Innovation in customer service, planning and practices.”

The completion of the “Ooredoo” data center’s 1000 continuous days of providing services at the highest level and without interruption, was the most important achievement for the company, which resulted in it obtaining the bronze.

Ooredoo won the “Fastest Global Index” award in Kuwait for the year 2021, according to the “Speedtest global index” from Ookla.

Ooredoo starred in the Kuwait Creativity Award 2021, and won three prestigious awards in different categories, namely the “Public Relations Stars” award, which was won by Mijbil Al-Ayoub, Senior Director of Corporate Communications Department, and the “National Business” award for announcing “every inch and milli” on the occasion of national holidays. And the “Brand Excellence” award.

Ooredoo won two awards during the 2021 MENA Effie Awards, for the “Mo constant Internet, Mo constant mood” campaign, which highlighted the power of optical fibers and their high speeds, which gives customers a stable and fast Internet. It won the Silver Award in the “New Products and Services” category, while it won the Bronze Award in the “Multi-Channel Shopping Solutions” category, while it won the “Best Internet Service Provider” award at the Service Hero Awards for measuring customer satisfaction.

Al-Ayoub said, “Businesses succeed and companies shine with their distinguished leaders who draw the lines of success for employees to follow to shine in the sky of success, and this is the persistence of the leadership of (Ooredoo Kuwait), which managed the rudder with competence and responsibility to paint its clear fingerprints in different colors of excellence.” He added, “2021 is the year of successes that reflected the company’s strong performance through its communication with customers and community members and its brilliant initiatives, and we still have many successes and radiances.”

The development of the human element

Ooredoo has proven its belief in the youth and their ability to achieve sustainable development, and has been keen to encourage them, adopt their ambitions, rehabilitate and train them to work in all of its departments, and meet the percentage of national employment and achieved 100% of new appointments of Kuwaiti competencies in leadership positions, and 100% of the placement of leadership positions, especially in It has vital and sensitive sectors.

These percentages came as tangible evidence of the success of the company’s strategy, which aims to encourage and support young Kuwaiti talents, which were keen to train and equip them to assume leadership positions.

The head of the human resources and administrative services sector, Omar Al-Bassam, said, “We worked during the year to maintain our leading role, to be at the forefront of telecommunications companies in the country, and to create a suitable work environment for our employees as partners in this path.”

“We are constantly working on developing the human element, by providing training to employees with training institutions inside and outside Kuwait, to encourage them to adopt new ideas that develop their creative sense,” he added.

Advantages of the “elite”

Ooredoo’s Elite Program meets all customers’ telecommunications needs, locally and internationally, and provides them with luxurious benefits such as allocating halls to welcome them at its headquarters. The Elite experience starts from the moment the customer registers for membership with exclusive services and benefits and priority purchase.

The Director of VIPs and Government Relations at the company, Thamer Al-Tahous, said that providing a smooth, secure and unique customer experience is a priority for Ooredoo, specifically the Elite program, stressing its keenness to design innovative strategies for sales of elite and VIPs, and to provide them with the best products, services and exclusive packages. , in line with their changing needs and requirements, and strengthening the subscriber network of dignitaries and government agencies.

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