“Ooredoo” participated in “Biztech Talk”

Ooredoo Telecom participated in the second edition of Biztech Talk, which was organized by Forbes Middle East in partnership with Gulf Business Machines (GBM) for comprehensive digital solutions. The digital dialogue session was held, titled “Vision 2035: Kuwait’s Journey into a World Digitization », on October 13th.

The session focused on Kuwait’s ambitious strategy to transform itself into a regional financial, commercial and cultural center. The company was represented by Bilal Agha, director of the company’s marketing department.

In a statement, Ooredoo indicated that the priority of access to information and communication technology and the use of digital services is no longer a luxury. Rather, it has become an integral part of the digitization process and the digital age now, and it has become necessary to stimulate economic and cultural developments at the regional level, pointing to the existence of responsibility It is the responsibility of the leading companies in various sectors to encourage cooperation between the private and public sectors, by adopting advanced digital services and solutions.

The company touched on its deep history and its journey to the world of digitization that began in 2016, through the creation of blogs to help its customers start the journey themselves, in addition to its acquisition of “FASTtelco” Internet Services (ISP) in Kuwait, which led to the innovation of new solutions and services. The communication process between the various data centers has become completely smooth and easy, and is fully supported by them. She stated that she was a pioneer in this step, which contributed to enriching the experiences of customers and companies alike, giving them a highly competitive value.

In 2017, the company established the first data center to provide managed hosting and cloud services, specifically designed to suit the needs of companies and businesses, and to help them focus on their digital initiatives, which positively affected the customer experience.

“Ooredoo” stated that through unparalleled digital services and solutions, it is able to attract and attract many investment companies to start their business in the country in line with the vision of “Kuwait 2035”, and the brand’s slogan embodies a “distinguished digital transformation” that leads towards Kuwait. New digital.

She indicated that in light of improving business efficiency and reducing costs, it has started providing managed services that allow organizations to outsource their work to pursue their capabilities in some IT operations, including maintenance and resolution of IT systems and functions.

Ooredoo also provides cloud services, designed for easy and convenient access to data, resources and applications from anywhere and at any time, without the need for infrastructure or internal devices.

The company explained that the phenomenon of digitization, especially digital transformation, fundamentally changes the way individuals work in companies, change their mindsets and create a culture that promotes change, stressing that it is necessary to provide a sound basis in order to build this culture that protects its most valuable assets.

Ooredoo Kuwait provides cybersecurity solutions that aim to provide companies with comprehensive information and data protection solutions.

Experts in “Ooredoo Kuwait” can design these services to meet the needs of companies today and in the future, allowing them to experiment with advanced levels of service to overcome cybercrime.

The company added that with the changing communication needs, the need for a new generation of mobile phone networks has increased, and that is why the fifth generation cellular network technology has emerged.

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