“Ooredoo”: More than 1000 new customers for “Shamel Pro” packages, two days after its launch

Al-Babtain: We have taken another step towards driving innovation and meeting customer needs

Ooredoo Telecom launched its brand new product, Shamel Pro, on October 19, during an event. It was established at its headquarters in the “Ooredoo” tower, and it reaped the fruits of its hard work, as it gained more than 1000 new customers for the product in the first two days of its launch.

“Ooredoo” has not ceased to dazzle its customers with its distinctive and unique products, services and packages until today. Shamel Pro comes to provide an exceptional digital customer experience through its three different packages and features, which are designed according to the needs and desires of the local consumer market, and its requirements related to many aspects of life. Such as travel, entertainment or electronic games.

Prince Mohammed bin Salman

During the launch event of the “Shamel Pro” product, the company displayed its three packages and the features of each package in detail, in addition to keeping the guests entertained through a series of fun interactive activities, and offering many valuable free gifts such as the latest devices, digital vouchers, and iTunes gift cards. Google Play gift cards, PlayStation gift cards, Huawei routers, Arlo cameras and many more electronic vouchers.

Officials from “Ooredoo Kuwait”, including CEO Abdulaziz Al-Babtain, Chief Marketing Officer Taban Tripathi, Senior Director of Corporate Communication Department Mujbel Al-Ayoub, Marketing Director Youssef Al-Shalal, and Senior Director of Institutional Communication Fatima Dashti, participated during the event and provided accurate information about Shamil Pro All-new, including its three different packages, namely, “Shamel Pro 25”, “Shamel Pro 35” and “Shamel Pro 45” and their unlimited features.

The packages of “Shamel Pro”, starting from 25 dinars, are unique with various additional benefits, including access to the latest mobile devices, enjoyment of premium numbers, and flexible installment options for the selected devices, by choosing the appropriate installment period for the customer, which ranges from 3 to 36 months, and not imposing Additional payment fees when customers exceed the capacity of the Internet and local calls, the possibility of freezing the line for 3 months and the possibility of transferring the line to another person.

This comes in addition to the possibility of purchasing the device in cash at the best price in Kuwait. Shamel Pro will be available to new and existing Ooredoo Kuwait customers with monthly packages starting from 25 dinars, only in exchange for non-stop 5G internet, local calls and non-stop roaming internet. And up to 720 dinars as a gift from “Shamil Pro” partners, including “Anghami”, “starzplay” and “osn”, in addition to many electronic coupons from the most popular applications.

Al-Babtain said that “Ooredoo” aims to be the leading provider of leading integrated telecommunications services in Kuwait that meet all the needs of its customers, pointing out that with the launch of the “Shamel Pro” product, the company has taken another step towards leading innovation.

He added that adopting new innovative strategies that provide an ideal digital experience is the correct and optimal way to provide an effective customer experience. Creating and realizing customer value is a major success factor for Ooredoo.

Enriching experience

The event demonstrated Ooredoo’s commitment and ability to fulfill the brand’s promise to enrich the digital experience of individuals.

Ooredoo continues to innovate and improve its products and services, based on changing customer requirements, and to provide customized services online.

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