“Ooredoo” launches “Shamel Pro”: non-stop calls and “5G” internet

Al-Babtain: The company adopts the culture and principle of “customer first”.

Customers’ choices are more than ever

Ooredoo Telecom launched its brand new product, Shamel Pro, which includes unlimited packages with great benefits such as 5G internet, local calls, roaming internet and valuable gifts.

Shamel Pro embodies the concept of diversity and difference, and is characterized by an eclectic mix of the different lifestyles and preferences of young people.

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The three different packages fit perfectly with the passion of this principle, which offers something very unique to customers, and reflects the desire of «Ooredoo» to create a product that will appeal to individuals with different desires and interact with the entire community.

The product, which establishes “Ooredoo” as the first telecom company to provide innovative digital services in Kuwait, aims to create an exceptional and innovative customer experience through its three unique packages, “Shamel Pro 25”, “Shamel Pro 35” and “Shamel Pro 45”.

The three packages offer different benefits depending on the package chosen by the customer, while giving him the freedom to choose the latest free device and many other features.

In a statement, the company indicated that, starting from 25 dinars, “Shamel Pro” packages are unique with various additional benefits, including obtaining the latest mobile devices, enjoying premium numbers, and flexible installment options for the selected devices by choosing the appropriate installment period for the customer, ranging from 3 to 36 months, not to impose additional payment fees when customers exceed the capacity of the Internet and local calls, the possibility of freezing the line for a period of 3 months, the possibility of transferring the line to another person, the possibility of purchasing the device in cash at the best price in Kuwait, and others.

“Shamel Pro” will be available to new and existing “Ooredoo Kuwait” customers, with monthly packages starting from 25 dinars only for non-stop 5G internet, local calls, non-stop roaming internet, and valuable gifts from “Shamel Pro” partners, including: “Anghami” “STARZPLAY”, “OSN”, “PUBG”, “Google Play” and “iTunes” among others.

And the CEO of the company, Abdulaziz Al-Babtain, expressed his happiness with the launch of the new product, and said, “Today we live in the age of the customer and have redefined and evaluated the idea of ​​competitive advantage. In an increasingly global and competitive market, customers have more options than ever before. “This raised their expectations of any service they receive, so that they are the ones who control.”

He added that, in fact, the only source at the present time to gain and maintain a competitive advantage is to work with strategies that adopt the principle of the customer first, and that they must be listened to and communicated continuously and satisfied, and this is what Ooredoo Kuwait does to continuously improve the experience of its customers and provide customized services to fulfill the desires. Everyone of them.

Al-Babtain added that placing the customer in the first place is a principle and culture, and that “Ooredoo Kuwait” ensures that every employee in it works hard to create an exceptional customer experience, pointing out that through the all-new “Shamil Pro”, the company has listened to its customers and fulfilled their requirements and desires. And expressing his happiness with this unique product.

Improving the customer journey

The distinctive “Shamil Pro” was launched to target customers all over the country, who want to make non-stop local calls, or use the non-stop Internet at high speeds consistent to meet their entertainment needs, from video games, music, watching movies and series, or their personal needs when traveling or within the country. .

Ooredoo Kuwait aims to continuously improve its customers’ digital journey by providing unlimited benefits packages and free gifts that inspire creativity and ignite emotion.

The launch of the product is in line with Ooredoo’s long-term vision, which is to enrich the digital life of individuals, and represents an ideal opportunity to demonstrate its achievements as a company in the telecommunications sector to the whole world.

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