Ooredoo launches its Clubhouse channel

Al-Ayoub: A step that provides an opportunity to build a better relationship with our customers

“Ooredoo Kuwait” launched its channel on the “Clubhouse” application, the new voice-based social network, in recognition of the importance of communicating with all segments of society and customers, and keeping abreast of the latest digital developments in various social media.

This is the first step for a company in the telecommunications sector, as part of Ooredoo’s strategy and vision of enriching the digital experience of individuals, as it has always been proactive in contributing and participating in all activities that accelerate digital transformation and close to all its customers, and is keen to join various electronic channels to interact with them. And listen to all the opinions put forward by them.

The company indicated that the nature of the “Clubhouse” application is far from pictures and writings, and relies only on voice conversations between people discussing various topics such as communication technology and the latest local news and others, which makes it achieve widespread worldwide and in the country.

She stated that any user can start a “room” that others can join, so that each “room” contains mediators, speakers and listeners, while moderators control who gets speaking privileges, although listeners can “raise their hands” to ask to speak.

Mijbel Al-Ayoub, Senior Director of Institutional Communication at “Ooredoo Kuwait”, said that joining the Clubhouse gives the company the opportunity to better communicate and interact with its customers, build a strong relationship with them and gain their trust, especially among young people who are always looking to try everything new in the world. Digitization.

Al-Ayoub added that by joining “Clubhouse”, the company is closer and more interacting with its customers and followers, indicating that the next conversation will be full of surprises and information related to all its products, services and strategic partnerships.

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