Ooredoo launches a “Safe Internet for Children” campaign

“Ooredoo Communications” company, in cooperation with the Public Authority for Communications and Information Technology, launched a campaign entitled “Safe Internet for Children”, the first of its kind, which aims to raise public awareness about the “YouTube Kids” application, to provide a safer environment that allows children to explore their talents. And their interests through online videos.

This campaign is part of Ooredoo’s social responsibility program. YouTube Kids is designed to give children enough space to discover their talents in a safe and age-appropriate experience.

The company pointed out that if the parents specify the settings according to the age of the child by the parents, the application will provide a wide variety of content for the viewing child, indicating that here comes the role of the parents in protecting their children from any harm by controlling their experience and everything that is seen through the application, Especially since the child by nature is considered a recipient of information, and every information he receives must be well studied, as it will affect him positively or negatively.

“YouTube Kids” for those under the age of 13 includes a complete set of parental controls that can be used to customize the child’s experience. Parents can create individual profiles for each child, choose the content they want to make, and set timers that determine when to look at the screen and see the videos. That are being viewed and others.

Mijbel Al-Ayoub, Senior Director of the Corporate Communication Department at Ooredoo Kuwait, said that the company aims, through this campaign, to spread awareness and highlight the importance of raising children, in a safe environment and to provide them with a safe Internet experience that is free of any disturbing scenes for parents.

He added that children, as users of information and communication technology, may be at risk through their contact with others or through viewing offensive or violent content.

Al-Ayoub added that “Ooredoo” is committed to supporting the communities it serves from different age groups, the most important of which are children, in an age when they have become experts in technology, communication and the Internet.

He pointed out that the company’s duty is to protect children, raise public awareness, and encourage parents to play an effective role to participate in a positive way in their lives, noting that “Ooredoo” will continue its campaign activities “Safe Internet for Children” to reach millions of parents, by broadcasting visual and audio announcements. And posts on social media under the slogan (# Internet_Safe for Children), as well as print journalism and outdoor advertisements.

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