Ooredoo launched the iPhone 13 at the largest annual party in Kuwait

– The company launched its strategic partnership with “Al Watani” with offers dedicated to its customers only
– Exclusive offers on “iPhone13” devices starting from 25 dinars per month
– Valuable gifts, raffles and entertainment provided during the party
– Special offers for elite and “VIP” customers
– Devices are delivered via “Drive .”
-thru” in collaboration with “V
– Al-Babtain: We are proud to offer the best to our customers and we are keen to give them exclusive benefits and gifts with Shamel packages
Al-Ayoub: For years, we have been committed to providing an exceptional customer experience in launching iPhones.

Ooredoo Communications Company, for the eighth year in a row, launched the largest party to give customers the opportunity to obtain exclusive packages at competitive prices with the latest Apple phones, iPhone13, iPhone13 Mini, iPhone13 Pro and iPhone13 Pro Max. This year, it was presented with unprecedented distinction with “A15 Bionic” technology that enables customers to enjoy the most powerful performance not available in any other smartphone.

The company pointed out that the celebration activities started last Thursday, October 14, and extended throughout the weekend in the “Ooredoo” tower in the heart of the capital, and witnessed the presence of a large crowd of customers and iPhone lovers who exceeded 3000 customers.

Nawaf Al-Gharabally

Ooredoo stated that it held the largest launch party for the latest group of devices from Apple, represented by the iPhone 13, the first of its kind in Kuwait, in an enthusiastic atmosphere that attracted hundreds of individuals for three consecutive days. And she indicated that the “Ooredoo” tower in the heart of Kuwait City, received many customers and lovers of technology and smart phones, specifically “iPhone” devices, who were keen to be present at the company’s headquarters from six in the evening until the early hours of the morning to take advantage of the exclusive and strongest offer in the country presented with Shamil Pro packages at competitive prices, unique benefits and special gifts, as the company presented a special offer on “iPhone 13”, “iPhone 13 Mini”, “iPhone 13 Pro” and “iPhone 13 Pro Max”.

Partnership with the National

The company indicated that it and the National Bank of Kuwait celebrated a new strategic partnership, according to which it granted the bank’s private banking customers a set of advantages, including the priority of obtaining the new “iPhone 13” phone at the headquarters of “Ooredoo” at the launch event, where a special booth was allocated. To view the benefits and information about banking services.

The CEO, Abdulaziz Yaqoub Al-Babtain, the Senior Director of the Corporate Communications Department, Mijbil Al-Ayoub, the Director of the VIP and Government Relations Department, Thamer Al-Tahous, the Executive Director of the Customer Service Sector, Issa Al-Mousa, the Head of the Financial Sector Fadi Kawar, and the Acting Head of the Commercial Sector, Sondos Al-Shatti, Director of the Digital Services Department (VAS), Senior Director of Public Relations, Internal Communications and Sponsorships Fatima Dashti, and Senior Director of Companies, Sulaiman Al-Hamoud, welcomed the General Manager of Banking Services at “NBK” Muhammad Al-Othman and the bank’s senior representatives in the VIP and Elite Hall in the Tower « Ooredoo.

big companies

The company indicated that the ceremony hosted a wide range of distinctive entertainment that achieved the highest standards and exceeded the expectations of customers to ensure their comfort and access to an exceptional experience and surprise them with special prizes, and witnessed the participation of many major companies and authorities in Kuwait, such as: First Woqod, and Falcon Company, owned by « New Market” and the leader in Kuwait and the region in providing the latest services and technology related to drones “DJI”, “CAVARATE”, Al-Sour Fuel Marketing Company and Al-Maidan Clinic.

She added that the ceremony also witnessed the presence of a number of media representatives and celebrities of social networks, such as Fouz Al-Fahd, Mahmoud Boushahri, Muhammad Mirza, Noura Al-Amiri, Abdulmohsen Al-Kout, Israa Al-Hajri and Saleh Al-Sanad.


Ooredoo proudly announced its partnership with V-Thru this year to launch “iPhone13”, an application with more than 250,000 users that enables them to order and receive the order without getting out of the car, making the driving and ordering experience smoother and more enjoyable.

And she stated that during the first days of the launch ceremony, all V-Thru users were able to order and receive any iPhone 13 without the need to get out of the car, as a special entrance was allocated for them in the company’s car parks with the aim of obtaining a smooth and easy purchase and experience An exceptional client speaking for the first time in Kuwait.

She stated that “V-Thru” proved its strong presence at the launch event by participating in a number of its favorite restaurants and cafes.

Ooredoo added that this step is the first of its kind for “V-Thru” and achieved great success that enabled users of the application to enjoy an exclusive offer for them for “iPhone 13” phones without the need to get out of the car, which enhanced the customer experience and reduced potential damage due to the Covid virus. -19.

She pointed out that 10 restaurants and cafes from V-Thru participated in the launch night and over the three days: Toby’s Street Coffee Roaster, Doh, Thien’s Restaurant, Froyo, Urban Grill, Chocolateness and «MOO», «Napoli Napolita» and «Botata» in addition to «Voyage».

She noted that Ooredoo offered 3 golden tickets to V-Thru customers, which gave the recipient an iPhone13 by exchanging the ticket at the Ooredoo Tower in exchange for an iPhone13 on Friday and Saturday, corresponding to 15 and 16 this month.

500 gifts

Ooredoo Kuwait also indicated that it also provided 500 gifts to reward V-Thru customers, as it organized an incentive competition for its customers, which was announced on social media through its smart phone application, where customers request one of the secret bags for free through the application and the application directs them to drive. to the event site and receive the gift.

Distinguished efforts

Commenting on the success of the launch event, Al-Babtain expressed his happiness with the success of the launch event, praising the efforts of all the participants. He said: “We are proud to offer the best to our customers who attended the ceremony and enjoyed the best packages offered in the market at unprecedented and competitive prices. In addition, we were keen to offer them exclusive benefits and gifts with Shamel packages for the first time.”

He added: “This year’s ceremony is distinguished and different from previous years, as it witnessed a strategic partnership with the First Bank in Kuwait and the region (National Bank of Kuwait) of which we are proud, as we gave the bank’s customers priority in obtaining distinctive and exclusive offers and we allocated a special hall to receive its senior customers. The personalities are alongside our elite clients.”

Al-Babtain continued, “We are proud to cooperate this year as well with the creators of the (V-thru) application, which is the first application of its kind in Kuwait to deliver restaurants and other orders using the (Drive-thru) system, where the customer who ordered the iPhone was served. 13) The device was handed over to the car park.

Exclusive Offers

For his part, Al-Ayoub said that Ooredoo has been committed for years to uniquely offering iPhones and providing an exceptional experience to customers, which includes rewarding them throughout the year in a unique and in various ways, through its exceptional campaigns and offers that allow them to enter many raffles. And winning valuable prizes designed according to their aspirations, as rewarding customers is a fundamental pillar in the company’s strategy to enrich the customer experience.

He added, “Ooredoo provided exclusive offers to NBK Gold and Premium Services customers who hold Privilege Banking and Private Banking cards, including the priority of obtaining the new iPhone13 when presenting the NBK debit card, in addition to enjoying the privilege of entering the “Watani” hall. VIP) and the elite in the company, which designed them on a high level of luxury and sophistication.”

The company confirmed its keenness to offer special and exclusive offers to elite customers on “iPhone 13” devices, including valuable gifts and unique benefits, but the bank’s customers will exclusively receive Shamel Pro packages starting from 25 dinars per month and including gifts, including “AirPods 2”.

Pull on «Mercedes»

The ceremony included the distribution of prizes for the “Answer and Win” competition organized by “Ooredoo” with the aim of rewarding the attendees on the first day of the ceremony, as well as the opportunity to enter a raffle for the grand prize, the Mercedes CLA dream car, where many attendees participated in the competition by sending the word “Yes” to 1010 .

It also launched a competition to answer the question (How many cans of the “iPhone 13” are inside the Mercedes CLA?), where the winner received several valuable prizes.

Free vouchers

During the ceremony, Ooredoo thanked all the participating companies that offered free vouchers to the company’s customers and the winners, such as “FN by FN”, “Pottery Barn”, “Pottery Barn” for children, “West Elm”, Al Kout Beach Hotel and Club Hotel and Resort Al-Nakhil, Kunooz Al-Khair General Trading and Contracting Company, and Dr. Smile Center.

LIVE coverage with «88.8»

Ooredoo hosted the Kuwait Pulse Radio Team 88.8 with live coverage and a live broadcast with Talal Al-Yaqout and Khaled Al-Ansari through the Al-Diwaniyah program, where the events of the ceremony were covered and interviews were conducted with representatives of Ooredoo and the National Bank of Kuwait.

Thank you, Interior People

The presence of the Ministry of Interior throughout the activities of the launch ceremony of the new devices, for a period of 3 days, and they thankfully contributed to organizing the attendance of attendees and ensuring the security of everyone and their compliance with the law.

Ooredoo thanked the Ministry of Interior’s Assistant Undersecretary for Traffic and Operations, Major General Jamal Al-Sayegh, for his efforts and continuous support, and for his efforts and continuous support, and to Lt. Col. Basel Al-Turki, Major Nasser Bu Abbas, First Lieutenant Muhammad Al-Qattan, Sergeant Shahnaz Al-Anazi, Sergeant Saif Al-Mishaal, Corporal Abdulwahab Al-Qallaf, First Sergeant Ali Shweiker, Deputy Sergeant Hassan Al-Qallaf and Muhammad Mayouf. Al-Enezi and First Lieutenant Abdullah Ghaleb Al-Enezi and policeman Turki Al-Enezi.

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