Ooredoo Kuwait’s fastest network… for 2021 لعام

The company has made a quantum leap in communications and mobile networks in the past two years
– The company continues to strengthen its networks to be proactive with achievements to be added to its success path

Ooredoo Telecom won the “Fastest Network in Kuwait” award for the year 2021, according to the “Speedtest global index” from Ookla, which specializes in applications, data and analysis of speed tests for fixed and mobile Internet networks.

Ooredoo Kuwait deserved this award, which was given to it, after passing all the required standards and speed tests approved by the “Ookla Speedtest”.

Bader Al-Kharafi

The company has made a qualitative leap in the world of communications and mobile phone networks over the past two years and during the pandemic, and has continued to strengthen its networks until today, as it was the first, as usual, to make achievements to be added to its success.

The company has taken proactive steps in the Kuwaiti market and outperformed its competitors in providing the best and fastest coverage, after developing its network infrastructure over the past two years, investing 68 million dinars, with the aim of developing its network, enhancing and enriching the customer experience and providing the best and most efficient 5G experience. Thanks to the high speeds and very low response rates (latency) for data transfer.

2000 “5G” towers

Ooredoo has worked with unremitting efforts from workers in the technology and network sectors, and with the direct support of the senior management, to increase the number of its towers to nearly 2,000 to ensure a broader and more comprehensive coverage of all residential areas of Kuwait, chalets, farms and islands, in addition to launching “5G” for the bands currently used to include the interior areas. Closed to provide the best and fastest coverage of technology «5G».

The company developed Long Term Evolution technology, with the aim of providing much higher data speeds, improved performance, and lower operating costs.

Increase data traffic

At the height of the “Covid-19” pandemic, the digital technology provided by the company took the lead, as the number of Internet users increased very significantly, specifically during the closure and curfew measures.

Ooredoo Kuwait witnessed an increase and growth in data and internet traffic at a rate of 50 percent compared to data and internet traffic in the previous year. video, use of social networking sites, etc.

“FWA” technology

Ooredoo launched Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) 5G technology, which ensures Internet access in areas with low fiber penetration, or those that involve expensive installation and maintenance costs.

The company has taken major steps to improve the productivity and performance of its corporate customers, by launching the Dedicated Internet Package (DIA) service, which provides a range of different speeds, and also ensures companies have fast internet with a more secure connection than the broadband network services currently available for business.

Investment of 68 million dinars

Abdulaziz Yaqoub Al-Babtain, CEO of Ooredoo Kuwait, expressed his happiness and pride in this achievement and title, saying that this achievement reflects the company’s continuous efforts to achieve its vision of enriching individuals’ digital experience, and its strategy to empower Kuwaiti society by leading digital transformation.

He said that this strategy has pushed the company constantly to respond to the rapid changes and changing requirements of customers, and to provide always effective digital solutions, products and services, in addition to continuing to develop and invest in our network infrastructure, to provide the fastest and best coverage in Kuwait.

Al-Babtain added, “We were keen to provide the best and fastest coverage at the state level, especially after developing the infrastructure of the (Ooredoo) network, where an investment of 68 million dinars was invested over the past two years with the aim of developing the network and enhancing and enriching our customers’ digital experience.”

accurate standards

Ookla’s rating is based on a very careful analysis by the company of millions of tests performed by customers across each network, to check internet speeds, using different applications on mobile platforms.

The “Speedtest” awards for the best network operators are determined using “Speed ​​Score”, which includes a measurement of each operator’s “download and upload” speeds. In Kuwait, the indicator collected data through thousands of tests during 2021, so that Ooredoo Kuwait won the “Fastest Network for 2021” award. », which reflects its exceptional performance and its continuous quest to enrich the digital experience of its customers.

Ooredoo was the first company in the world to launch a 5G network before the commercial announcement in mid-2018, followed by the first international video call over the 5G network in the Middle East and North Africa between Kuwait and Qatar.

50 percent off

Ooredoo Kuwait celebrated this achievement with its customers by giving them a 50% discount on all postpaid Shamil packages, from next week, in addition to more special and exclusive offers that will enable them to enjoy it and benefit from its many advantages.

Details about these exclusive packages will be announced on the company’s website (http://www.ooredoo.com.kw) (www.ooredoo.com.kw) and (MyOoredoo) application.

Support during Corona

Ooredoo Kuwait has taken distinguished positions in supporting various government agencies during the COVID-19 pandemic, strengthening the infrastructure capabilities with a set of innovative digital services for communications and networks of the Kuwait Vaccination Center at Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Bridge.

Ooredoo provided a range of services to enable government agencies to work more efficiently, including cloud services and increasing the infrastructure capabilities of health centers designated for vaccination against the “Covid-19” virus.

It participated in the “field campaign for vaccination” and gave the medical staff and workers in the Ministry of Health large numbers of mobile devices and wireless network devices (routers) with SIM cards that include internet service, to provide all the digital and technical needs of medical staff.

online education

Ooredoo launched the “Edunation” platform, with the aim of providing the opportunity for educational institutions to benefit from its services in light of the Covid-19 virus crisis, as “Edunation” is an educational administration, through which it can provide a platform to manage the educational process, provide high quality virtual lessons, and allow students to The possibility of studying at any time, from any place and any device, and even taking exams and solving assignments remotely, to be considered one of the most important achievements of the company, which had a primary role in supporting society and government agencies in the country.

Ookla CEO Doug Settles said that the “Speedtest” awards are given to elite network operators who give outstanding internet performance and exceptional internet coverage to customers, expressing his happiness that Ooredoo won the “Fastest Network” award. Kuwait” for this year, as it deservedly deserved it.

He stated that this coronation comes as recognition and testimony to the company’s exceptional performance for the year 2021, based on Ookla’s careful analysis of the tests approved by the brand, which were conducted using high-accuracy “Speedtest” standards.

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