“Ooredoo Kuwait” is the trusted distributor for “BT” solutions for communications and cloud security

Al-Babtain: Continuous changes require uniting efforts to crystallize a common vision aimed at providing the best digital services

Lewis: The partnership is a new milestone for the strong relationship between Kuwait and Britain

Disley: Our partnership with “Ooredoo” confirms the depth of harmony and harmony in visions and goals

Ooredoo Communications Company has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with British Telecom (BT), the leading provider of global telecommunications services and solutions, which includes providing managed communication services, voice services and call center solutions, as well as cloud security solutions and consulting services.

The company indicated that due to the rapid development and the changing nature of cyber risks and attacks, with the increase in the number of home and remote workers and their heavy reliance on cloud services, information security has become one of the main priorities for companies and governments alike.

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BT will provide a security information and event management (SIEM) service that provides customers with a deep and comprehensive view of what is happening on the network in real time.

The company will collect and analyze the vast quantities of available cyber threats, and show them to the customer or IT teams to take precautionary steps and be more proactive in combating these security attacks, securing the cloud environment and protecting important data.

The contract was signed by the first director of global communications at the company “BT” Dave Desley, virtual and remote, so that the offer and acceptance were exchanged with the company “Ooredoo”, in the presence of the Minister of State for Middle East and North Africa in the British Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Development Representative James Cleverley, and the ambassador Her Majesty Belinda Lewis, Director of Trade and Investment at the UK Embassy, ​​Sheka Tiwari.

From «Ooredoo Kuwait», Chief Executive Officer Abdulaziz Yaqoub Al Babtain, Head of Operations Sector Fadi Kawar, Head of Finance Sector Stephen Collins, Senior Director of Corporate Communication Department, Mejbel Al-Ayoub, Director of Corporate Marketing Department Bilal Agha, Director of Public Relations and Internal Communications, Nazem Al-Ghobra, were present. The Director of Corporate Sales is Rice Naeem, and Director of Strategic Marketing and Business Planning for the Corporate Sector, Zainab Al-Shammari.

And from “BT” was the head of the indirect channel “AMEA”, Vipul Narula, the head of sales in the Middle East, North Africa, India and Japan, Yves Nahas, and the director of communications accounts, Bida Nikkanen.

Through its partnership with BT, Ooredoo will help companies – regardless of their size – achieve optimal visibility, discover risks and threats and address them, and will provide effective security analyzes at high speed to reduce or prevent any defects or data breaches from occurring.

With this subscription-based model at reasonable rates, and the BT certified security team that provides 24/7 monitoring and support, customers can increase flexibility in their operations and predict costs.

The newly available Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) service meets key organizational security and compliance requirements by hosting and processing data on a local private cloud.

Al-Babtain said, “Companies today are operating in a more complex environment, where change and continuous development in technology are among the biggest challenges that organizations face in order to protect one of the most important corporate assets, which is data.”

Therefore, it is very important to help large and small companies adopt practices that help them speed digital transformation, and provide cybersecurity services and solutions that identify vulnerabilities and reveal potential cyber attacks as soon as possible to avoid any security breach of company data, he added.

Al-Babtain added, “Personally, I am happy with this fruitful cooperation with a world-leading company such as (BT), so that our shared vision will enable us to provide the most efficient telecommunications services and solutions.”

For her part, Lewis congratulated “BT” and “Ooredoo” for their distinguished partnership, expressing her happiness to see such strategic partnerships that enhance relations between the two countries and develop their economies.

She said that “BT” has always had a long history of providing telecommunications services and solutions, and “Ooredoo” has always been known to provide the best innovative digital services in the country, indicating that this partnership is a unique step that will be granted by providing BT services and products in Kuwait.

She noted that the International Trade Management (DIT) team in support of BT and Ooredoo continues to provide BT services in managed communication, call center solutions, cloud security solutions, and consulting services in the Middle East.

“We look forward to working with our new and trusted distributor in Kuwait to provide companies in the country with the same services available to our global customers around the world,” said Dave Disley, Senior Director of Global Communications at BT.

“The world’s leading banks, health care providers, energy companies and governments place their trust in us to connect and secure their operations. Our services are designed according to our customers’ goals and requirements, which are in line with the most demanding standards in terms of reliability and safety,” he added.

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