“Ooredoo” issues the sixth Internet Protocol in cooperation with “Wipro Limited”

Ooredoo Communications, in partnership with Wipro Limited, for information technology, consulting and business process services, is preparing to launch the sixth version of the Internet Protocol (IPv6), to offer its customers a more efficient and fast Internet experience with the fifth generation network and the Internet of Things for mobile data.

The partnership between “Ooredoo” and “Wipro” includes providing Internet services for “Ooredoo” mobile devices in Kuwait, and providing “Dual-stack” solutions for “Wipro” through network devices that translate the Internet Protocol (IPv4) and (IPv6) to provide a data experience. Fast, reliable and secure mobile.

Ooredoo is moving towards a more effective and efficient environment by launching the sixth version of the Internet Protocol (IPv6), with the aim of keeping pace with the changing requirements as a result of rapidly developing technologies and technology, and the spread of the concept of the Internet of Things, which represents the new generation of the Internet that allows understanding between interconnected devices.

This comes along with machine-to-machine technology and security performance concerns, which have led to an increased demand for Internet Protocol (IP) addresses.

IPv6 will address these security concerns, and IPv6 security features, embedded in packets, allow end-to-end encryption, which will spread the Internet on a large scale.

Most of the content providers such as “Netflix” and “Facebook” provide their services using the Internet protocol “IPv6”, which will allow “Ooredoo” to provide content locally using the same protocol, so that it will have self-control when translating the required network address to “IPv4” networks.

The Internet Protocol “IPv6” will unleash the true potential of a software-defined network, to enable the network of “Ooredoo Kuwait” to enjoy the amazing benefits of a network architecture that relies on software first, which results in better performance and more control over the connected devices.

The “Dual Stack” network allows users to experience local “IPv6” content, which is reflected in the improved response time on various social networking applications, content and games.

Hassan Al-Shami, head of the technology sector at Ooredoo Kuwait, said that the Internet Protocol (IPv6) is the future, and that the company, as a major provider of communications services, also provides and implements IPv6 services that are compatible with IPv4 services. The “Dual Stack”.

He added that this process allows a smooth transition to the Internet Protocol “IPv6”, while continuing to provide special communication services for sites and applications that support the “IPv4” protocol only.

Al-Shami added that most social networking sites and content-providing networks, such as “Google”, “Facebook” and “Netflix”, allow “IPv6” content locally, which will allow the company to provide local internal content using “IPv6”, to become the autonomous control in translating the network address. Required with networks «IPv4».

Kiran Desai, Senior Vice President and International Director of Cloud Computing Services and Infrastructure at Wipro Limited, said: “We are pleased to be part of Ooredoo’s transformation journey and enhance its customer experience. Our deep experience in network transformation and system integration, and leveraging internet devices Modern things with minimal network complications and low costs, in creating a future-ready Internet for the company.

He added that it became possible for «Ooredoo» to provide a reliable, secure and faster mobile data experience to its customers, in addition to providing secure content faster to improve the browsing and viewing experience.

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