Ooredoo in 2022… successes that have taken customer experiences to an unprecedented level

Abdulaziz Al-Babtain: We have developed our products, services and offers at various levels and enhanced them digitally
– Developing the brand and its logo to focus on contributing to human growth and progress
Ooredoo applications provide a complete digital experience via mobile
– The company invests in employees, supports its young leaders, attracts the new generation and develops its skills
– Developing «Ooredoo business» to become an integrated platform for all business needs
The Ooredoo network was ready to meet the needs of the millions who attended the World Cup in Qatar

Ooredoo Kuwait Group held its annual general assembly meeting on the 9th of March, to conclude a year of outstanding results that propelled it to new heights.

The company stated that it recorded an increase in consolidated revenues by 3 percent, to reach 620.3 million dinars in 2022, compared to 601.7 million dinars in 2021, with an increase in its customer base to 24.7 million customers.

Al-Hammad speaking during the forum

She explained that these impressive results are evidence of the effective leadership and innovative strategies it offers to its customers, which aim to improve their experiences through an innovative digital network while providing them with exclusive products and services tailored to meet their daily requirements and needs.

year of successes

On this occasion, CEO of “Ooredoo Kuwait” Abdulaziz Al-Babtain said: “2022 has been a year of amazing success for our company, as we implemented our strategic plan to take customer experiences to an unprecedented level of development, and it centered around our customers, their direct experience and their relationship with our brand to understand their needs and demands. Better”.

He added, “We have developed our products, services and offerings at various levels and enhanced them digitally to provide our customers with the best experience in the market. The diligence and perseverance of every individual in (Ooredoo Kuwait) supported our growth and helped us not only meet expectations, but also exceed them.”

He continued: “We have taken it upon ourselves to upgrade and enhance all aspects of our operations, services and infrastructure with one goal, which is to provide our customers with the best possible experience with a comprehensive digital integration of our infrastructure, not only in order to gain a competitive advantage in the market, but also to ensure that we obtain the satisfaction of our customers and meet their needs.” ».

Digital innovation

Al-Babtain said: “When looking at financial technologies and their continuous development and increasing demand for them globally, we at (Ooredoo Kuwait) are proud of being the first telecom company in Kuwait to announce and launch the (Apple Pay) payment service on its application,” adding that “our recent partnership with (My Rateb) Through (Ooredoo business) it is the first step towards introducing the concept of mobile financial services to our customers. Ooredoo Kuwait will always be at the forefront of companies looking to digital innovation and introducing technologies that meet the needs of its customers and enrich their rapidly evolving digital lifestyle.”

New logo

Ooredoo stated that it has developed its new brand and logo to focus more on contributing to growth and human progress, which reflects its commitment to continuous development and growth.

And she indicated that the slogan “Develop Your World” focuses on continuing to push customers and employees to develop, whether in small or huge steps, explaining that she has taken it upon herself to further enhance every aspect of her operations and business to provide better service to her customers while providing tailored solutions to them and at the same time rewarding them with an unparalleled experience. Incomparable through an innovative digital platform.

The company pointed out that the concept of “Develop Your World” enables customers to make the choices that suit them, and also provides them with solutions that contribute to transferring their experiences to a higher level of progress and growth, explaining that for “Ooredoo”, this means continuing to invest in networks to provide communication services. Seamless for customers, regardless of where they are, and continue to upgrade their experience by providing the best products and services. The advanced “Ooredoo” networks also support the Internet of Things and data analysis through “5G” services.

digital experience

The company indicated that Ooredoo applications provide a complete digital experience and applications for financial services via mobile with a new set of services, especially for unbanked communities.

She added that in order to better serve its customers, the company also invests in its employees, supports its young leaders, as well as attracting the new generation and developing its skills. Work as a team.

An integrated platform The company stated that «Ooredoo business», the most trusted technology services for business solutions, has developed itself, to become an integrated platform for all business needs and to support business owners who are keen to succeed and make an impact through their products and services.

She added that Ooredoo business understands the needs of these companies and business owners, and to enhance this competitive advantage, it has launched comprehensive integrated solutions, as it is considered the missing piece for all the needs of business owners, as it provides them with developed solutions that enable companies to manage their business with ease and ease, and automate daily tasks. Enjoy flexible payment options, and most importantly, stay in constant contact with the team through the best network to ensure business operations continue without interruption.

launch services

Ooredoo noted that among the other technological services launched by Ooredoo Business in partnership with Ericsson are the IoT Accelerator Connect solutions, which aim to simplify and facilitate corporate operations, and it is an advanced solution in the field of digital transformation.

She mentioned that business terminology such as “complicated”, “unclear” and “waste of time” are a thing of the past with the “IoT Accelerator Connect” solution, which is a leap forward in the digital ecosystem.

And she indicated that “Ooredoo” entered into a partnership with “Ericsson” to implement “Ericsson Billing” across its network, as the developed billing system made it possible to benefit from revolutionary “5G” services across its network and supported the development of competitive marketing strategies for a variety of “5G” products.

And she stated that Ooredoo business, in partnership with Cisco, has made unremitting efforts to support the small and medium-sized companies sector by holding workshops and highlighting these businesses. Of which.

world Cup

Ooredoo pointed out that the development of products, offers, services and the network contributed to demonstrating the company’s readiness to host the first-ever World Cup in the region in Qatar and to meet the needs of the millions who attended.

And she stated that, as the official communications operator in the Middle East and Africa for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, she revealed the numbers of requests she received on her network by the millions who attended until the end of the quarter-finals during matches in stadiums equipped with 5G technology, including 699 terabytes. of data and 9.8 million voice calls, and welcomed 1.3 million guests to its network through roaming services.

She stated that all this is the result of the absolute and impulsive will to develop and modernize by increasing the capacity and flexibility of the service, in addition to modernizing and virtualizing the basic network by building advanced “cloud communication” data centers and conducting multiple network audits and simulations to ensure more flexible and efficient service delivery.

Customer reward

Ooredoo explained that in Kuwait, it is paving the way for providing more innovative digital services, and to share these advanced services, it insisted on serving its customers and rewarding them first for their loyalty to the brand.

She noted that “Ooredoo Surprise” offered customers the opportunity to win tickets to attend the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, indicating that the concept of “Ooredoo Surprise” was originally formulated as a way to reward the company’s customers with valuable prizes for their commitment and loyalty during last August, and also as a platform to introduce the “Ooredoo Surprise” brand. Ooredoo brand, raise awareness about it, and increase interaction between it and its customers throughout the year, while encouraging others to join the latest mobile network in the region.

She noted that “Ooredoo Kuwait” was the first company in Kuwait to facilitate and provide its customers with the opportunity to attend the World Cup, through official tickets to the World Cup, whether through the previously mentioned “Ooredoo Surprises” campaigns or by spending any amount to recharge or pay Their bills through the “Ooredoo” application, which automatically qualifies them to enter the draw and win.

Free internet

The company stated that with the 2022 Qatar World Cup approaching, Ooredoo Kuwait wanted to offer its customers an experience of the enthusiasm that accompanies this world championship by giving them 100 megabytes of free internet for roaming services.

She pointed out that this free gift from “Ooredoo” comes to meet the expectations of its customers and to ensure that they enjoy their experience on the unique telecommunications network. Time. Football tournament

Ooredoo indicated that it decided to break the traditional concepts of business activities by launching its football tournament. Ooredoo business also opened the way for its corporate clients from various public and private fields to participate in competitive football matches. Participants came from all sectors. Such as the banking sector, the retail sector, the electronics sector, the oil sector, and others.

She stated that she had invited all parties to participate and attend the tournament draw at its headquarters to enjoy the atmosphere of the World Cup tournament and to see the group stage matches, which contributed to the entry of companies into the atmosphere of the tournament before its launch.

She explained that the tournament started with the participation of 16 teams on October 16, 2022, at the stadium of Dasman Bilingual School, and ended on the 29th of the same month. “Ooredoobusiness” through a draw at the end of the matches, where prizes were given to the best player, best goalkeeper, and best scorer at the closing ceremony that was also held at the “Ooredoo” headquarters with the CEO of the company, Abdulaziz Al-Babtain, who came to greet and reward the winners. .

Event sponsorship

Ooredoo indicated that it sponsored the Management Club event at the Gulf University for Science and Technology, which included many entertainment activities for football-loving students, as well as a raffle for tickets to attend World Cup matches, in addition to other prizes and gifts.

She added that, at the same time, she had set up her own corner bearing the “FIFA” logo in Al-Hamra Mall in Kuwait City, giving customers the opportunity to choose the matches they wish to attend while benefiting from exclusive offers designed specifically for them in addition to promotional offers on all the company’s services.

Training and development of employees Ooredoo stated that in recognition of its employees as the main assets, the company has established a training program for its customer service center teams through the “Premium Call Boot-Camp” initiative, which is a one-year training program designed to invest in their competencies as it ranks employees according to their performance, and helps others to develop within their teams. digital communication channels

Strong and Efficient Ooredoo pointed out that on its way towards digital transformation, the company has defined its digital strategy through strong and effective digital communication channels, and to show the development of its digital infrastructure with the aim of providing integrated and more efficient services on all its social media channels, to ensure that all customer inquiries are met and obtained. their satisfaction.

She stated that these endeavors in the field of developing and modernizing customer experience concepts were devoted by the “Future Foundation Awards” to the company’s exceptional achievements in the call center infrastructure modernization program.

She added that this award is a tangible embodiment of Ooredoo’s strategies aimed at quality of service, providing exclusive and effective offers, in addition to enjoying the most advanced digital infrastructure in the region, all with the aim of giving customers the best service experience, ensuring their loyalty and rewarding them in ways that competitors cannot reach.

Developing 5G services Ooredoo confirmed the continuation of its efforts by its technology and network teams, which are directly supported by senior management, to develop 5G services, as it was able to launch more than 2,400 5G towers across Kuwait. The first operator in the region to deploy 5G services on the low frequency spectrum.

She pointed out that this led to ensuring a broader and more comprehensive coverage of “5G” services in all residential areas in Kuwait, in chalets, farms and islands.

And she indicated that «Ooredoo» continued to expand the scope of fiber optics to the majority of its sites to ensure that customers get a better experience, improved performance, as well as lower operating costs.

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