“Ooredoo” honors the winners of “ProPing”… for electronic games

– Co-organization with «FASTtelco» and «Blink» from August 26 to September 16
The tournament contributes to the familiarization of participants with new technologies in the market
The competition included the popular “Call of Duty” and “Fortnite”
– «ProPing» the first and leading gaming platform in Kuwait

Yesterday, Ooredoo Tower hosted a ceremony honoring the winners of the “ProPing” championship for electronic games, which was held by the “Ooredoo” Communications Company, and jointly organized with “FASTtelco” and “Blink”.

Senior Director, Corporate Communications Department Mijbil Al-Ayoub, and Director of Fixed Sectors Department Nouf Al-Mashaan, crowned the winners in an enthusiastic atmosphere, welcoming all attendees, including influential figures in the world of technology and electronic games such as the “Kuwait Hub” team, “Qaymar Snack” and Ali Dashti and Jacky. .

The “ProPing” tournament for electronic games stems from Ooredoo Kuwait’s keenness to enhance the capabilities of the youth and the spirit of challenge, participation and involvement in society.

This type of games contributes to familiarity with new technologies, at a time when the tournament was held entirely “online”, as players competed from their homes via the Internet with the exciting games “Call of Duty- Modern Warfare” and “Fortnite”.

The teams competed in weekly matches in a fully digital environment throughout the tournament period, which extended from August 26 to September 16, during which a set of valuable gifts were presented to all the winners.

In a statement, Ooredoo indicated that the “Call of Duty- Modern Warfare” competitions saw Mishaal Naif Al-Mutairi win first place, as he was awarded the grand prize, a platinum line worth 20,000 dinars, in addition to 4 chairs, 4 desks and 4 gaming screens from “Blink”.

Osama Al-Dhafiri won the second place, winning 600 dinars, while Talal Samer Al-Sarraf won the third place, winning 400 dinars.

The company stated that the exciting game “Fortnite”, witnessed Walid Talal Al-Mutairi winning first place, while Badr Khaled Ayed came in second place, Ayed Saleh Obaid Maysara in third place, and Muhammad bin Abdullah Walid Zaman in fourth place, and everyone received a valuable gift consisting of: Xbox device.

«Proping»…exclusive and unique packages

During the honoring ceremony, which witnessed the presence and participation of many electronic game lovers, Ooredoo Kuwait announced the most important features of “ProPing”, the first and leading gaming platform service in Kuwait, previously provided by “FASTtelco” via optical fibers, which it worked on developing And it is presented over the fifth generation network, so that it has become available and with certain guarantees that allow users to have a direct line of communication with the largest global gaming systems and sites.

Ooredoo recently launched offers on the “ProPing 5G” service, starting from 30 dinars only. Customers can subscribe to a “ProPing 5G” internet package with a “Huawei 5G CPE Pro 2” or “Nokia Fast mile 5G Gateway CPE” router for 33 dinars per month.

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