«Ooredoo» Gold Partner of «Aruba» to provide a seamless digital communication experience

Agha: The agreement responds to dynamic business changes in companies

“Ooredoo” is reshaping the information and knowledge era through its innovative partnerships. Represented by Fasttelco, it has been classified as a Gold Partner in the “Aruba Partner Ready for Networking Program” with “Hewlett Packard Enterprise” known as (HPE).

“Ooredoo” was registered to be the first service provider affiliated with “Aruba” in Kuwait. The program for selecting golden partners from the latter includes companies that have a specialized engineering staff and have many professional certificates and sufficient experience in planning, designing, implementing and supporting various projects in the field of networks. Wired and wireless, data security and confidentiality.

Ooredoo has fulfilled the requirements for possessing all the competencies of the gold level, and for carrying out noteworthy projects in the country, which enabled it to reach this level.

Ooredoo uses the principle of integrating Aruba’s wired and wireless services and network management, as well as location solutions that work together, to provide a seamless and secure digital communication experience.

And aims «Aruba» based on the requirements of customers and their changing needs, and with the emergence of new technological technologies rapidly developing, to keep pace with these requirements by providing the greatest degree of flexibility and secure communication, between all network operations and the provision of various cloud services.

“Ooredoo Kuwait” focuses on serving customers and companies. It has taken strategic measures to provide the best solutions that ensure business continuity. In partnership with HPE, it has been keen to provide the most appropriate solutions for all the requirements of different companies.

This comes at a time when companies today are looking for more effective ways to use information technology, to meet the growing expectations of the mobile phone and the Internet of things, and to implement the concept of Bring Your Own Device (BOYD), which enables employees to use their personal devices to complete their tasks and work. By connecting to a company’s internal network, many companies choose to outsource their applications and security and network needs.

This removes the burden for companies with limited technological resources, from the costs of hiring specialists, managing and monitoring the network, so that they can now use a reliable partner to manage the network via managed clouds, without having to do it themselves.

This standard allows companies to control costs and move from a capital model “CAPEX”, to a more predictable service experience and a consumption model based on operating expenses “OPEX”.

“Ooredoo” became the first service provider capable of providing various services to companies, enabling them to control their costs by transferring capital expenditures “CAPEX” to operating expenses “OPEX”.

“Ooredoo” indicated that, given the difficult challenges that everyone witnessed during the global crisis, keeping employees in contact was important for the continuity of companies ’business, and that for this it had taken strategic measures and partnerships to provide the best solutions for companies, as a company centered on customer and corporate service.

Working from home has become easier with “Aruba” cloud services. These services enable corporate employees to have direct access to the required information and data, in addition to enabling them to work and communicate with their colleagues without interruption, as each employee has the authority to access securely through a data center. Ooredoo »to his company data easily as if he were working from inside the office.

Ooredoo was also keen to protect valuable corporate data, because it enables companies that use these services to monitor the location of every communication that takes place by their employees, through artificial intelligence and big data in advanced Aruba devices, to improve, discover, separate and address network problems that may Affect reliability.

Ooredoo aims to continuously develop through embodying the best digital solutions and innovative models, and for this, through Aruba Zero Trust Security Solutions, it provides the necessary electronic protection for companies to ensure business continuity safely.

The race for excellence Bilal Agha, director of corporate marketing at Ooredoo Kuwait, said that in the race towards excellence, there are no limits to the company’s goals and ambitions, indicating that enriching the experience of digital companies is its vision and goal, and affirming its commitment to its promise. “We have come to live in a highly competitive environment that always pushes us to create modern technical solutions that keep pace with the requirements of daily work. Therefore, our partnership with (Aruba) affiliated to (HPE), along with our common values ​​and vision, will respond to dynamic business changes and make the daily life of our customers. From companies more efficient, comfortable and safer ».

Agha continued that ensuring the provision of secure digital services is the basis of the company’s development, stressing the importance of accurately adopting secure solutions to maintain the confidentiality and security of information, noting that the partnership with “(Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)” is based on trust in the secure digital solutions provided by “Ooredoo” To live up to the expectations of its customers.

Teamwork For his part, Managing Director of the Gulf and Egypt in «Aruba HPE» Yahya Al-Amsi said that the company’s belief in teamwork is its constant inspiration for continuous improvement and bringing innovation to its global client base.

He added that for more than 30 years, the company has led the sector by providing technology, support, motivation and rewards that enable its partners to inspire the world, pointing out that “Ooredoo Kuwait” represented by “FASTtelco” has always been an integral part of the success of “HPE”, stressing However, through cooperation with it, the growth of the brand’s business will be enhanced, and the latest technological solutions will be introduced to the Kuwaiti market.

Leading change Leading change in a changing world is a tremendous thing, so Ooredoo has left a clear footprint in the world of digital transformation and innovative technology.

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