Ooredoo enhances 5G networks to provide better customer services

“Ooredoo Communications” company confirmed its endeavor to improve the process of communication between individuals by providing low-delay and high-reliability services, explaining that it is working to enhance the fifth generation networks to provide better services to customers, as it was the first operator in Kuwait for “5G” and one of the first companies in the East. Middle that uses radio frequency bands to render.

The company stated in a statement that the world has witnessed many radical changes in the telecommunications sector, today individuals no longer use landlines, but rather everyone owns one of the most advanced smartphones that connects them to the entire world. She pointed out that the increase in the number of devices and services will require the awareness of individuals regarding the latest technologies and products, invention and adoption of innovative digital solutions, which increases competition between communication companies to provide the best customer experience.

She indicated that “Ooredoo” starred as the first company in the world to launch a “5G” network before the commercial announcement in mid-2018, followed by the first international video call over the 5G network in the Middle East and North Africa between “Ooredoo Kuwait” and “Ooredoo Qatar”.

It reported that with the high-frequency, low-delay band used in the fifth generation, “Ooredoo” has intensified cells by increasing the spread of new towers to provide customers with the best 5G experience.

It noted that it launched “5G” on sub-2.1 GHz frequency bands to include wider areas in closed indoor environments and provide superior coverage for fifth generation networks. The application of frequency bands also enabled the efficient and flexible use of frequency and allowed “Ooredoo Kuwait” to transmit “4G” traffic and ” 5G »simultaneously on the same bandwidth and using existing devices.

Director of Networks and Radio – Technology Sector at Ooredoo Kuwait, Issa Haidar, said: “With the introduction of the fifth generation (5G) network, radio frequency bands have been adopted as an update to our network program system, which will allow increased coverage with fewer new areas in less time. , Enhancing the customer experience, and providing the best internal coverage nationwide. ”

He added: “As a leading telecommunications company in Kuwait, it is our responsibility to work continuously to improve customer experience and accelerate the pace of realizing the new Kuwait vision (Kuwait 2035). However, since the launch of the fifth generation network, customers’ expectations have reached the sky. They are looking for a more efficient Internet experience at the lowest cost, and this is what we have. ”

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