«Ooredoo» celebrates the mother on her day

Al-Ayoub: We continue to support local talent and creative youth minds

Ooredoo Telecom collaborated with DOH to produce handcrafted donuts to celebrate Mother’s Day. A brunch basket created by the latter was distributed, accompanied by an emotional message to all Kuwaiti mothers and women, as a gentle gesture that rejoiced her day. Ooredoo launched the “No Snow” campaign as an initiative through which to ensure that all mothers are appreciated and embraced, as individuals who have a passionate affection that makes them take care of all members of their communities, not just their families and children, pointing out that the mother is the sister, aunt, aunt, wife and friend, which is tenderness.

Ooredoo confirmed that Mother’s Day this year is different due to the “Covid-19” pandemic and its effects. However, despite the continuation of this global epidemic, it has not refrained from celebrating the mother and her unconditional love, concern and sacrifice for the sake of her children, pointing to her effective role in creating A stable and healthy family environment that positively affects the whole family.

The first director of the Institutional Communication Department at “Ooredoo Kuwait”, Mijbel Al-Ayoub, said, “The mother is considered to be of invaluable high value in various societies around the world, and she is a safe haven and a fortress in which we hide. It is the heart that prays for us, it is the whole life, and I thank every mother and every woman for her strength, her giving, her tenderness and her sacrifices. Thank you, thank you, mom. ” “Our cooperation with (DOH) is in line with our social responsibility for (Ooredoo), in supporting local talents and creative youthful minds,” Al-Ayoub added.

For her part, the CEO and Managing Partner of DOH said: “Our common vision of empowering local youth talents and providing the best customer and public experience is the goal, and our cooperation with Ooredoo Kuwait came to honor mothers and bring happiness to their hearts”.

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