“Ooredoo Business” supports VoWiFi calls

In the world of digitization and the Internet, Wi-Fi networks have become an integral part of communications today, providing better internet coverage in places where mobile networks cannot be accessed due to restrictions.

Here, the importance of VoWiFi service appears, as voice calls are sent through an encrypted “tunnel” that merges with the mobile phone network to provide a better communication experience for mobile phone users.

Ooredoo Business launched Voice over Wi-Fi, a free service for all Ooredoo Kuwait customers with prepaid and postpaid voice packages, to enable them to make calls over a Wi-Fi connection and send SMS messages.

This service will help solve the problem of disconnection of the telephone signal in some areas and places that have poor coverage, such as high-rise residential buildings, basements, offices and remote branches.

In a statement, the company pointed out that if the mobile phone picks up a reliable and secure Wi-Fi network, the call will be transferred between the phone network and the Wi-Fi network automatically smoothly and without any interruption of the call.

This service is also available without any additional fees, while voice and internet calls will be charged according to the package, and without the need to download any application.

The company indicated that on the business level, the VoWi-Fi service plays an effective role in business continuity and improving its performance, especially with the emergence and continuation of the “Covid-19” pandemic, so that most employees work remotely and from their homes, dependent on Internet, voice and video calls.

This service will allow companies to make calls from any location where there is a wireless network, even if there is no reception signal for the phone network.

“Ooredoo Kuwait” expressed its pride in launching the voice call service, through the distinctive wireless network designed specifically to improve the communication experience and the future of communication in the digital world today, stressing that it is a distinctive technology that makes the efficiency of the conversation voice better.

Ooredoo explained that the VoWi-Fi service will be available on its network on Huawei 1 Plus devices and Huawei phone headsets, and that it will provide the service on other devices soon.

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