“Ooredoo” and “The Pearl of Tamdeen” agree to provide digital communications at the “Khairan Hybrid Outlet Mall”

Abdulaziz Al-Babtain: The partnership is a reflection of our role as a major partner in building smart shopping complexes

– We are keen to contribute to achieving the goals of the “New Kuwait 2035” vision.

Ahmed Al-Sarawi: The Khiran project will be one of the best shopping and entertainment destinations

– Cooperation with “Ooredoo” embodies the true meaning of digitization and a secure infrastructure

“Ooredoo Kuwait” signed a partnership agreement with the “Tamdeen Pearl”, a subsidiary of Tamdeen Group, a pioneer in developing mixed-use projects in Kuwait for a period of 5 years.

Under this agreement, Ooredoo will provide innovative services and integrated digital communication solutions supported by high-speed 5G technology for the first phase of the “Khairan Hybrid Outlet Mall” project in the heart of Sabah Al-Ahmad Sea City, which is the first destination in the region to combine the shopping outlet with entertainment options. In addition to enhancing the project with state-of-the-art security technology services in accordance with the highest international standards and specifications.

During the signing of the partnership agreement last Thursday at Ooredoo headquarters, Abdulaziz Yaqoub Al-Babtain, Chief Executive Officer of Ooredoo Kuwait, Head of Operations Sector Fadi Kawar, Senior Director of Corporate Communications Mijbel Al-Ayoub and Director of Governmental Sector and Companies Department Thamer Al-Tahous were present.

Attending were from Tamdeen Shopping Centers, CEO Ahmed Abdulaziz Al-Sarawi, General Manager of Information Technology Nabil Fares, General Manager of Marketing for the Group Moaz Al-Roumi, and Director of Awal Sharif Sharif projects.

Al-Babtain expressed his pride in holding such a partnership with one of the largest companies in the country, the “Tamdeen” group, through one of its companies, “The Pearl of Tamdeen”, which specializes in building and establishing the most modern commercial complexes in Kuwait that combine shopping the “outlet” with various entertainment options in a lifestyle. modern.

He said that this partnership is a reflection of the pioneering role of “Ooredoo” as a major partner in building smart shopping complexes, establishing them according to the highest international specifications and standards, and providing them with the best digital solutions and the latest smart communication systems.

Al-Babtain stressed the company’s keenness over the past few years to achieve the strategic objectives, which mainly relate to providing smart life applications and digital transformation in Kuwait and for all sectors, as a contribution to achieving the goals of the “New Kuwait 2035” vision, indicating that this partnership is another step On this path.

He stated that the company will work hard in designing and building an integrated network for the fifth generation services for the “Khairan Outlet” project, while providing infrastructure in accordance with the best international standards, and building a comprehensive technical security system, the best technological solutions and the most advanced, provided that this project has a prominent footprint in The business sector in Kuwait is a testament to its renaissance.

For his part, Al-Saraawi said that with this distinguished partnership with “Ooredoo”, the Al-Khairan project will undoubtedly be one of the best shopping and entertainment destinations in Kuwait.

He added that the project confirms the commitment of the “Pearl of Tamdeen” to continue to lead the country at the forefront of leading and innovative regional destinations for visitors from all over the world, looking for a comprehensive and integrated shopping and entertainment experience.

He added that through partnership with “Ooredoo Kuwait”, the true meaning of digital technology, secure infrastructure, and artificial intelligence will be embodied, which will benefit and benefit the business sectors and individuals.

Unique features

The “Khiran” project is located in the heart of Sabah Al Ahmad Marine City, south of Kuwait. It extends over an area of ​​350 thousand square meters and includes 70 thousand square meters of retail space to include many unique features.

The «Khiran Hybrid Outlet Mall» will be the preferred commercial center in the future, and visitors will enjoy the charming sea views provided by the marina walkway, which extends over a distance of 1.25 km long, including the public Khiran project park with stunning views of the waterfront, and the marina area, which is one of the advantages. The main project.

The “Khairan” project enhances the position of “Tamdeen” in the retail, entertainment and recreation sector, and is in line with its strategy that contributes to the economic development of Kuwait.

The project will meet the changing requirements of visitors and their growing expectations, to obtain a complete experience through distinguished shopping outlets, unique and multiple dining experiences and entertainment components, in addition to a year-round program that includes various events, exhibitions and shows.

By signing this agreement, Ooredoo and Tamdeen will be at the forefront of the digital race in the business sector in Kuwait.

The latest technology

Ooredoo, which was established in December 1999, provides the latest telecommunications technology in the Kuwaiti market, as well as communication, roaming and internet packages, as well as digital and smart solutions to its individual and corporate subscribers alike.

“Ooredoo Kuwait” listed on the Kuwait Stock Exchange has telecom operators in a number of countries in the region, namely “Ooredoo Algeria”, “Ooredoo Tunisia”, “Ooredoo Maldives” and “Ooredoo Palestine”, and it is considered one of the subsidiaries of the group. Ooredoo Global.

Customers can contact the company through customer service at (121) 24 hours a day, seven days a week, or via the website (www.ooredoo.com.kw), and the “MyOoredoo” application available on “Android” and “Apple Store”. And her official accounts on all social media sites (@ooredookuwait).

Accelerated growth

Since its acquisition of Tamdeen Real Estate Company in 1996, Tamdeen Group has achieved rapid growth and is today one of the most prominent companies on the regional level, thanks to its distinguished leadership and ambitious strategic vision.

The group includes companies specialized in real estate development, investment and entertainment sectors, and has consistently succeeded in achieving the desired development results for its partners and shareholders alike.

The success of Al Tamdeen Group is based on its continuous development, its record of achievements in the field of innovation, and has won many international awards in honor of its innovation in the fields of design, modern architecture, marketing excellence, and the pioneering use of the latest technological solutions.

The companies associated with the Tamdeen Group are considered the main engine for the growth and development of the group. They include the Tamdeen Real Estate Company, the Tamdeen Investment Company, the Kuwait National Cinema Company, the Tamdeen Shopping Centers Company, and the Tamdeen Entertainment Company.

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