Ooredoo accelerates the spread of 5G in the Infovista portfolio

“Ooredoo Telecom” continues to accelerate the deployment of its 5G network using the “Infovista” radio planning portfolio, as it worked on updating more than 2,500 sites across the country, pointing to the radio planning (RF) work on allocating frequencies and sites to ensure internet coverage. The most comprehensive and widest to meet customers’ requirements.

This comes at a time when «Ooredoo Kuwait» has always been a long-term partner to «Infovista», as it benefited from the «TEMS» test portfolio to help it improve the quality of the mobile network and the performance of applications based on measuring the user and customer experience, and showed that successful digital transformation begins with the situation of the customer. And try it first.

Ooredoo Kuwait will employ and deploy the “Infovista Planet” solution, as a unified tool for network planning across its business, in order to ensure continuity and increase efficiency.

Planet leverages crowdsourcing datasets that use a random sample of individuals to obtain information, including the sheer volume of data from social media, to create traffic maps to reach an unparalleled level of accuracy when it comes to meticulous planning for meeting The needs of their customers across the country.

Ooredoo Kuwait is guided by its vision of enriching the digital life of individuals, and its belief in its ability to stimulate human growth by leveraging communications to help individuals achieve their full potential.

Ooredoo starred as the first company in the world to launch a 5G network before the commercial announcement in mid-2018, followed by the first international video call over the fifth generation network in the Middle East and North Africa between Qatar and Kuwait.

Ooredoo Kuwait is considered the first operator in the country and one of the first companies in the Middle East to use the radio frequency bands (DSS) to provide and rapidly deploy the 5G network.

The Director of Networks and Radio in the Technology Sector at Ooredoo Kuwait, Issa Haidar, said that the “Infovista Planet” solution will support the company during the planning and deployment phase of 5G networks, allowing it to reduce the time required for marketing as well as improving investment in the 5G site. .

“Our partnership and relationship with (Infovista) has spanned for many years, and this expansion is based on the technical strength of the solution and a long-term vision towards automating the entire network lifecycle, which we strongly support,” he added.

Faik Khan, Managing Director of Infovista in Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa, said: “We are pleased to strengthen our relationship with (Ooredoo Kuwait) to help provide the (5G) experience more smoothly, and we look forward to more cooperation in the future to provide the required automation. To operate the next generation of fifth generation networks use cases. ”

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