“Ooredoo”: 3 months free of charge subscriptions to bills for the vaccinated “Corona”

Ooredoo Telecom Company granted 3 months free of charge on billing subscriptions to all its customers who received the vaccine against the “Covid-19” virus, on the condition that they present a vaccination card, out of its support for government efforts to encourage vaccination and limit the spread of the epidemic.

The company announced its exclusive offer on Monday, and it met with a remarkable response from everyone. CEO Abdulaziz Yaqoub Al-Babtain said that, based on its national social responsibility, Ooredo adopts all the measures it deems appropriate and appropriate from the measures that contribute to achieving sustainable development and health, and improving lives. Individuals of society as a whole, and inspiring hope in light of the difficult circumstances that everyone is going through.

Bader Al-Kharafi

Al-Babtain added, “Today we appreciate the efforts of the Ministry of Health, the medical staff and all workers at the Kuwait Vaccination Center, and we urge everyone to vaccinate because it provides protection for the individual and society, and we are working hand in hand with government and health agencies to protect society, and we have not and will not stop establishing and putting all our capabilities at their disposal to face a crisis. (Covid-19) and protecting the lives of those we love ».

“We are proud that the first telecommunications company in the State of Kuwait takes this humanitarian initiative and gives its customers this free offer, and we promise them more pioneering initiatives and activities to enrich their experiences in the telecommunications sector,” he said.

This comes at a time when «Ooredoo Kuwait» affirmed its utmost keenness to adhere to the instructions issued by the official authorities in Kuwait and their cooperation and full readiness to implement the procedures followed in this regard during the coming period.

The company works to take all preventive measures to protect its employees who are present during this period, to serve all customers, especially those working in the customer service and technical support sectors.

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